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Listening to music on your computer or smart device, is a good way to beat stress or while away the time during a commute.

Regardless of the need to get your groove, one of the most popular ways to actually get access to music is online radio.

Yes indeed, radios powered by the cloud, are growing in popularity with each passing day, thanks to the sheer ability of reaching out to anyone, anywhere in the world, and the emergence of smartphones and high speed networks. Geographical barriers no longer play a role in this scenario, at least in most cases.

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But what about the person at the other end, the broadcaster, do they have unlimited resources? Mostly, the answer is no, and they have to rely on using some hardware or broadcasting equipment, or pay a premium to a studio which has these. Sure you can even use some software to do these, but is there a way to accomplish this without any special resources.

The answer is of course, yes, thanks to SAM Broadcaster Cloud, another quality product from Spacial. Cloud based radio eh? How does that work.

The advantage of using a cloud based service, such as SAM Broadcaster Cloud, is that you can broadcast from anywhere. It is quite simple, all you need to do is run your radio station from the web browser of your choice. It really is that simple. Another major advantage of using SAM Broadcaster Cloud, is that it supports SAM Broadcaster STUDIO, PRO and Live-DJ versions. So, it acts as a cloud backup for these, in case of a network or power outage. Your listeners won’t be affected in anyway. There is one other reason why SAM Broadcaster Cloud is awesome, it is because it allows you to manage several raduo stations (even a 100) using just one database.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud like most of the other software from Spacial, also features Live reporting and Statistics about your listeners, allowing you to monitor which was your station’s most popular hour or songs.

You can use many streaming services in SAM Broadcaster Cloud, including Spacial’s own one, or third party servers like SHOUTcast, Icecast v2 and Live365.

SAM Broadcaster cloud coupon code

You are not limited to merely broadcasting streams of songs and music. Want to talk Live over the air? You can do so with ease, because SAM Broadcaster Cloud comes with a free software called SAM Live DJ (installable on Windows PCs). This allows you to connect to the cloud and speak into the mic, even host talk shows and stream live shows. Once you disconnect from Live DJ, SAM Broadcaster Cloud will take over automatically, providing a gapless playback for your listeners.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud’s other strong points lie in its streaming capabilities. For starters, it offers a plethora of options in its music libraries. It allows you to manage them by sorting them into various categories, and you can even import track info, tags, and edit metadata in batches. Supported music formats include the most popular ones: mp3, aac, m4a, wma, ogg and wav. And to be honest, the Cloud gives you a massive 150GB of online storage, which can be further upgraded as well.

Each radio station which is hosted by SAM Broadcaster Cloud has a limit of 40 listener slots. But the important thing is that you can set stream in just a few clicks and without complicated configuration. You wouldn’t believe it, but you don’t even have to choose encoders, or other config. Simply set up your station to stream in AAC, which is the default format, or in the more popular MP3 format, which supports up to 128kbps bitrate.

It may lack support for encoders, but don’t worry, you have an excellent set of audio controlling tools at your disposal. This includes silence trimming (to reduce dead air), volume normalization, automated cross-fade detection and more. You can also use SAM Broadcaster Cloud to schedule your music, by using playlists. Yes, they are the same .m3u playlists which we use in our offline music players. These can be imported to SAM Broadcaster Cloud, for your station schedule.

Need to host your cloud radio on your website? You will need to give your audience a professional way to engage with your station. This involves web widgets, players etc. But you don’t have to code a single line, because SAM Broadcaster Cloud offers free web players and web widgets, which you can embed on your website. You merely have to copy and paste the code to your website and the web widgets will be added instantly.

Buy SAM Broadcaster Cloud at a very affordable low price, with our exclusive discount code. If you want tp host an always online radio station, on the cloud, complete with web widgets, this application will rule them all.

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