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Online Radio usage is growing in popularity with each passing day. We can attribute this to the evolution of smartphones and high speed mobile networks such as 4G LTE. The likes of Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and Google Play Music are examples of some of the most famous internet radio services today.

Advertising also plays a factor in this, as users, or should I say listeners, often pay money in the form a subscription fee, in return for ad-free streaming and sometimes, offline playback as well.

But it is not only the big-wigs who can do this, you can also host your own radio station, simply by using some application. Yes, it is possible. But you must choose one that is reliable and feature-rich. And both of these are the strong points of SAM Broadcaster Studio, from the developers at Spacial.

SAM Broadcaster STUDIO coupon

The application is quite similar to SAM Broadcaster PRO, except for one difference. And it is actually quite a big difference too. While SAM Broadcaster PRO allows you to stream or broadcast any radio station, be it a satellite or a terrestrial station, SAM Broadcaster Studio can only stream one existing, terrestrial radio signal.

Note: A terrestrial radio station is a geographical one, i.e., AM/FM radio which is broadcasted locally.

What exactly does that mean? It is actually very simple you see. You cannot stream other online stations, but you can stream your own terrestrial station. And that’s not all it can do, you may even broadcast your own content (using the same station), hence the name SAM Broadcaster Studio.

But if that does not deter you, here is a bit of good news. SAM Broadcaster Studio boasts all other features found in SAM Broadcaster PRO.

Let’s see what SAM Broadcaster Studio has to offer.

Similar to SAM Broadcaster PRO, you will need to install a database software (FireBird, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL). This is a must as it is the one which is used to build your audio library, and let it be ready to be broadcasted to your audience. Once done with the database, you will be ready to use SAM Broadcaster Studio.

The UI is similar to the PRO version, and consists of various segments. The primary means of controlling the stream is of course, by using the desktops A and B. There is no limit to the number of encoders, statistic relays, queue size, tracks in your music library, PAL Scripts, event scheduler items, audio processing features at all. You can use as many of these as you want.

The limitations in the streaming do not affect the kind of service you wish to use. So you may choose to use WinAmp’s SHOUTcast, Windows Media, IceCast v2 and other services (like Spacialnet or any other).

And you can stream content in one of the many formats which are commonly used: AAC, AAC HE, aacPlusv2, MP3, mp3PRO, Windows Media or OGG.

You can be the DJ you wanted to be, and mix tracks easily. Don’t know what a track sounds like? No problem, you can air one song, while previewing a different song on a different channel. And you can later add it to the queue too, so the song plays when the current track is over. Speaking of switching songs, there is gap less playback as well, thanks to the Gap Killer, which removes the silence from the start & end of tracks, so your listeners have an uninterrupted audio experience.

There are various other effects available too, such as custom cue, intro, fade, to name a few. You may also speak into a microphone, to say something to your audience, like for example (what song is coming up next) and SAM Broadcaster STUDIO will magically reduce the volume of the song playing. This will be like a fade-in effect which is quite amazing, since it is done in real time, yes in a LIVE broadcast.

SAM Broadcaster STUDIO coupon code

Don’t want to talk to talk LIVE? You can still inform your listeners about the tracks, with the Voice-tracking option. This allows you to record your voice, and add it to your queue, i.e., as a scheduled one. So it will be played automatically, when the track before it in the queue comes to an end.

SAM Broadcaster STUDIO also supports web templates to allow you to create a web radio station easily. And it also has a neat web integration, which displays the info about the track that is currently playing, including the album info and cover art (which it gets from Amazon). Your listeners can even request songs LIVE, and even browse your library or also buy music (with links you place).

Buy SAM Broadcaster STUDIO at a low price, with our exclusive discount code. If the one terrestrial station limit does not bother you, this application provides great value for money, in the innumerable pros completely outweigh the con.

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