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Live Streaming is one of the most popular ways that users listen to audio today.  This ranges from anything related to music and can even be news and talk shows.

Of course, this requires a bit of resources for both the listener, and the broadcaster. The listener needs an application and a good internet connection to receive the content being streamed. But what about the broadcaster, he needs a radio station of course, right? No, absolutely not.

All you will need is a computer with Windows, a microphone or an audio source, a stable internet connection, and one well designed app which will help you to set up a radio station with such ease. Meet SAM Cast Pro, a software from the foundry of Spacial.

SAM Cast PRO Coupon Code

If you have used SAM Broadcaster PRO, you will notice one major difference. It literally is, right before your eyes. I am talking about the Graphical User Interface of SAM Cast Pro of course, it is very minimalistic. And compared to SAM Broadcaster PRO, you could say that Cast PRO is very very easy to use, because it lacks all the complex looking windows and options.

SAM Cast Pro’s main menu looks like the image featured above. See the start button there? That is the primary area of the application. Once you click on it, you will begin live streaming your content to your audience. However, there are many things you need to do, before streaming your content.

For starters, you are going to need to sign up for a streaming service. If you already have one, you must enter the details in the SAM Cast Pro’s Station Settings menu. Once you have done that, your station is ready to rock on. The next step is to find content which you want to broadcast to your listeners. And for doing this, you have two options.

The first option is to use your computer’s mic, using which you can talk to your audience in real time. It that isn’t your fancy, you can always use audio tracks and stream them across the internet, as a live stream radio.

Remember you cannot add any special effects to your stream. The same applies to gapless playback, Voice FX, Previewing songs and more. If these are in your wishlist, then you must go for SAM Broadcaster instead. If you don’t need these, read on.

SAM Cast Pro is purely intended for streaming live content in as basic way as possible. You do however have some useful tools at your disposal. There are two time indicators in the main screen, one which shows the current time (as your system clock), and the other which shows the Stream time, i.e, how long in a single session you have been streaming content via your station.

Want to know how many listeners are connected to your live stream? There is an indicator for that, and also one which shows how many listeners your station had at its best time. So in case you break your record number of listeners, you can use that information to make an announcement on a social network of your choice, in a bid to gain more listeners. The program lets you list your station at Audioreal.com for free too.

For more information regarding your listener base’s stats, you can use the Statistics menu which can be found next to the event log (which is explained below). The Statistics log consists of a graph which is updated in real time, and shows some detailed information about your listener count, including how many listeners a particular song had, the format, quality, timeline and more.

An event log can be found just below the Start button. It is here that your activities in the application will be recorded, for exmaple starting a stream, ending one, and more.

There is a very useful tool called Sound Processing, also available from the main menu. This is in fact, a collection of audio settings, which you can fine tune to your needs. This consists of an Equalizer, which has several presets to choose from, and you can also create your own custom preset too.

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Then there is the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) settings which offer plenty of controls to toggle, including Stereo Expander, Dual Band Processor, 5 Band Processor and more. There are also settings for Digital signal processing (DSP) and Soundcard AGC, which requires a hardware sound card capable of supporting Processing using the Windows Drivers.

You can switch the input and output audio devices anytime, to alternate between voice and audio playback. SAM supports aacPlusv2, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg and Windows Media encoding formats, which you can also use to convert audio in to multiple bitrates and stream them simultaneously.

Buy SAM Cast PRO at a low price, with our exclusive discount code. If you are not looking for a program to mix tracks like a DJ, or queuing songs, or adding voice effects or any audio effects to your stream, this is the very application that will match your requirements.

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