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Do you like listening to the Radio? Then you are likely to be a fan of internet based Radio services. These allow you to listen to any online radio station in the world, regardless of your geographical location. And of course, unlike traditional radio in older phones, you don’t need to connect a headset to serve as an antenna, because these are not based on Radio waves, but rather connected to the biggest source in the World, the internet.

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Similar conveniences apply to the broadcaster as well. You are no longer limited to a local fan base. You literally have the potential for a global audience. And what’s more, you can accomplish this right from the comfort of your home. Have an existing radio station? Do you want to take it global? The internet is your friend, and of course, you need a mode of transmitting your content to the listeners. A radio streaming application will serve you well.

SAM Cast STUDIO from the house of Spacial, is one such application. And that is what we are going to analyze here.

The user interface of SAM Cast Studio is identical to that of SAM Cast PRO. It is quite simple looking, isn’t it? And indeed it is user friendly too, and it still packs in some advanced features. First of all you have the Start button, which initiates the streaming.

Now, there are several ways to stream the content. You can broadcast pre-recorded audio, aka sound tracks, directly. If you wish to broadcast LIVE audio, you can do that too. And even this has multiple options, i.e, you can speak directly into a microphone, or instead capture it through your sound card or line-in, and use it as a source to stream it to your audience, in real time.

Of course, to stream content over the internet, you need to have an account with a streaming service provider. This acts as your virtual radio station. Setting up a radio station in SAM Cast Studio, couldn’t be more simpler. Click the settings button and enter your station’s server details, a description of the content you intend to broadcast, choose from a list of genres, and also list your website for free at Audioreal.com.

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Once done with all this, select the aource and destination audio devices, also from the Settings menu. Now, go back to the main screen and select the Start button to start streaming the content to your listeners. You can view some basic information about your audience on the main screen, in the form of current number of listeners and the highest number of listeners your station ever had.

If you wish to view more information about the listeners, go to the Statistics screen to see a graphical chart, which is also updated in real time, and can also toggle display the statistics for each service (Spacialnet, Shoutcast, ICEcast, etc) for a more detailed breakdown of the numbers. All stats are saved in the form of logs, and can be accessed at any time, even o a later date. These logs should not be confused with the event logs, displayed in the main screen. That one tracks all stream related activity by the broadcaster.

A volume unit meter (VU meter), is available on the main screen, and shows the volume balance and levels of tge streaming audio, in real time.

What use is a good song if there is no information about it on the radio station. SAM Cast STUDIO allows you to load the metadata of tracks to your streams, so the listener can view the song’s title, artist info and also the duration of the track. There is no cover art though, but this is a simplistic application, so it has its limits.

SAM Cast STUDIO allows you to stream songs in a variety of popular formats including aacPlusv2, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg or Windows Media, thanks to multiple encoders. These encoders, also allows streaming songs at multiple bitrates, and the encoding/bitrate conversion takes place in realtime. To access the encoder options, simply use the button from the main screen.

And you can further improve the quality of your radio station, with a plethora of Sound Processing options. This includes support for Digital signal processing (DSP), an Equalizer, a Gated AGC, Stereo expander, a Bass EQ, a 5-band processor, 2-band processor and a clipper. The band processors in the Automatic Gain Control screen, each have a Compressor, Expander and Limiter, for additional customization.

Buy SAM Cast STUDIO at a low price, with our exclusive discount code. If you are ok with hosting a radio station with the track info, but without web widgets, this application will suit you well. If however, you want your listeners to request songs, view cover art, upcoming songs, etc, you should better opt for the more powerful SAM Broadcaster.

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