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DJ-ing is an art, some would say. You not only have to provide music to the party goers and listeners, but also need to do so in a fashionable and professional manner. This applies to online DJ’s too, you need to ensure your audience is grooving to the beats, regardless of which corner in the World they are in.

How is this possible? No, the answer does not lie in the expensive audio headphones and mixing machines. In fact you do not need any special audio hardware at all. The only things you will be needing are a computer with a network connection, a good library of songs or music of your choice, and SAM DJ, an online radio application.

Yes, it is another excellent piece of software from Spacial. Let’s take a look at what the program can offer.

SAM DJ Coupon Code

The interface of SAM DJ is similar to SAM Broadcaster, if not identical to it. And it also requires you to install a database, which is required to access your music library. Speaking of which, you will be able to select your music folder and set it as the library. There is no limit to the amount of songs you can have in your library. Have 50,000 songs? That’s not a problem, SAM DJ can handle them with ease.

The main UI of SAM DJ is divided into various sections, and the most important of which are the Playlist, Queue, and History.

Playlist as the name suggests is where you will see the tracks which you want to play. It is kind of like a mini file manager, which allows you to browse folders. You can also add your tracks into various categories (By Artists, A to Z, Album, Year, Title, Genre). SAM DJ automatically categorizes your tacks for you, but can set them manually too.

The Queue is where you add tracks from your playlist, and any song which is in queue will be played once the current track has finished playing. You can queue multiple tracks at once. To do so, simply drag and drop the tracks to the queue.

History is the section where you can view which tracks have been played earlier, an essential one, since you can’t risk repeating the same songs and annoy your listeners.

There are three desktops to work with, each of which can have more of these sections, should you wish to have any. These can be added from the Layout menu. There are two decks available in the main screen. Use one to stream to your listeners, and the other one to play the next song in queue privately. An advantage is that you can set a starting and ending point for the song in queue.

But merely playing music isn’t just a DJ’s job. Anybody can do it, even your phone or music player can. There is more to DJ-ing, like adding special effects at the beginning and at the end of songs. There are two options for this. Either you can manually add effects for fading, stops, intros etc, or let the program do the work for you.

SAM DJ has a magnificent Equalizer, which allows you great control over the quality of the audio. You can use it for adding digital signal processing (DSP) effects to your mixes. DJ like a pro with the plethora of options including a Gated AGC (Automatic Gain control), Stereo expander, Bass Equalizer, 5-band processor, 2-band processor and the clipper. There are individual Compressor, Expander and Limiter for each band in the multi-band processors.

SAM DJ coupon code
SAM DJ has a smart crossfader, which analyzes the tracks in your queue, and selects the optimal point to start fading tracks automatically, and of course, should you wish to do this manually, you can do that too. Nobody likes dead air (silence), between the end of a track and the starting of another (the next in queue), and fortunately, SAM DJ has a special feature called the “Gap killer”, which will ensure that your listeners will have an uninterrupted music experience.

That’s not enough though, is it? A good DJ will like to announce what song would be playing next or is playing currently. This can be done, through SAM DJ’s voice tracking feature. Record your voice, and play it only when you want it to.

Pre-record announcements with voice tracking and play them when the time is right. Of course, to do this, first you must choose the audio devices for input/output, i.e for recording and playback. This would be your microphone and speakers (or a pair of headphones or a built-in sound card).

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