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Most of us rely on the internet for our day to day work. Everything from emails, to projects, shopping and banking is all being done digitally today. Why spend time for personally visiting these places, when you can do the same from your home or office, with a click of the mouse?

Unfortunately, it is this very reason, which also posts a security risk, to your data. Hackers and attackers are well aware of modern internet users, and target them with new and more powerful malware. The latest form of malwares include two major risks: Ransomware and malvertising.

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The former locks your files and encrypts them, with a clock ticking down, and all of the data will be deleted, unless the user pays uthe ransom money, usually, in the form of bitcoins. This usually occurs by a random file downloaded in the background, which executes a malicious script and begins the process. Malverstising, is what happens when legitimate websites which serve ads to its users, aka visitors, is hijacked. The attackers replace the ads with their own ads, which are injected with malicious scripts. Clicking on this, will result in some malware being downloaded on the user’s computer. This can go unnoticed, and could steal your data, passwords, and more.

How do we protect our computers from such unexpected and nearly invisible hazards? The answer is two fold. The first thing to do is to stay away from bad websites, use a good and reputed security software (antivirus/firewall) and always check the validity of the website you are on, this includes the URL, the webpage’s design etc.

But it is not always easy to identify such malicious websites. Which is why, you need a secondary defensive protocol. It is called Sandboxie.

Sandboxie is a virtual environment software, which creates an isolated environment on your computer’s hard drive. It is not a virtual machine, which runs an operating system. In fact, it is the opposite, it creates a virtual area, and runs inside your existing operating system.

Don’t be confused by the terms, Sandboxie is actually very user friendly. The interface is very simple, and easy to use. The program can be used from its default settings for most basic purposes. You will notice, that it has a “Default Sandbox” in it. This is the main function of Sandboxie.

Here is an example of how it works. Let’s assume that your computer has a single partition, with a C: Drive. Now, installing Sandboxie would te a default sandbox inside this partition. The folder in which the sandbox files are stored will have sort of a virtual fence, which cannot be bypassed from the inside.

So any file which is stored inside the sandbox, cannot make even a single permanent change to the computer. This includes malware, viruses, etc. They cannot breach the computer at the operating system level. They will be trapped like a bug in a jar.

This allows for a great advantage to the user, as you can run your default web browser in a sandbox. Any file which you download using it, and website data (cookies, forms), etc are stored within the sandbox too.

You can use this to install unknown applications, inside the sandbox. yes, the programs will function as they normally will, except they will also be confined to the sandbox’s limits. Meaning, they cannot make changes to the PC’s data.

If anything goes awry, you can simply delete the content of the sandbox, and start over. This applies to applications you have installed inside it too, just delete the sandbox’s contents, and you can reinstall the programs you were using inside it before. This is a very useful way to test new applications.

What if you wish to recover files from inside the sandbox? That is possible too. Use the Sandboxie interface to explore the contents of the sandbox. In a similar fashion, you can use the “Quick Recovery” option to save the files yo your hard drive, outside the sandbox, so they will be there permanently, and can be accessed by other programs.

You can run almost any application inside Sandboxie. This includes your web browser, email client,and even games. You can also run Windows Explorer inside Sandboxie too.

An application which is being run in a sandbox, can be identified by the yellow border around it. There is a system tray icon for Sandboxe, which allows for most of the basic functions. But you will need to use the main interface, to create multiple sandboxes. And yes, you can run multiple applications in Sandboxie simultaneously.

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This also works for programs stored across multiple sandboxes. Sandboxie’s memory fingerprint is very low, as is its installer’s size. And the fact that you can use the applicatio on ny version of Windows, from the legacy Windows XP to the modern Windows 10, makes it an invaluable application.

Buy Sandboxie at the lowest price you will ever get, and save with our exclusive discount code. Sandboxie keeps your computer safe from unknown applications, malware and more, by locking your data to a protected and isolated environment.