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More and more new software is released everyday, and in the digital world we live in today, we have become dependent on them for our day to day tasks.

But the problem with this is that, there are both good software and bad software. What on earth is bad software? Why, viruses, malware, and the more dangerous and rising threat, ransomware, of course.

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When it comes to online safety, you must not rely just on looking at a link or software, and judging it to be legitimate. The most common threats are often disguised as popular applications,to trick unaware users to downloading them. Sometimes, merely clicking on a link is enough, and a malicious file could secretly be downloaded, and begin infecting your computer, without you even knowing it.

Keyloggers could trace every key stroke you type, and steal your passwords, and usernames. Just imagine what would happen if it gets your email, social network, or worse, online banking credentials.

So how exactly do we protect ourselves from these modern menaces? The first line of defence, is common sense. Think twice, before you download a file. Observe the website’s url, the download’s host server link, etc.

Do not download files which originate from new or strange websites. These could probably be malware. Another way to check the files, is by looking at the logo of the software, the spelling used in the page, and the end user license agreement.

But even these aren’t enough. The only sure way is to download the file, and test it. This is very risky, and you musn’t try it on your main computer. The only way to test such unkown software is in a virtual machine. But not everyone has the powerful hardware, or even the free space to install and use a VM. Even more so, they are a bit complicated to work with, for the layman.

What if there was a way, a user friendly way to test unknown programs with? Does a solution such as this exist?

Indeed there is one, and it is called Sandboxie. And as the name suggests, it is a sandbox program. It creates an isolated area in your hard drive, a a virtual environment of sorts and stores files in it. And this is a protected environment, mind you, there shall be no escaping from it.

The contents of the Sandbox only stay in, and cannot get out. So, you can install any application inside it, and test it. Doing so, will restrict the application to the sandbox. It will not be able to access files outside the sandbox, nor will it be allowed to make changes to the registry, which could harm your operating system.

Similarly, you can also browse websites, using Sandboxie. This will save the cookies and browsing data, etc, in to the sandbox. This also applies to any files you download using a sandboxed web browser.

Don’t worry though, you can easily recover the files from the sandbox and save it to your main hard drive. The following screenshot is that of Sandboxie’s main interface.

It is quite simplistic in terms of appearance, but incredibly powerful when it comes to functionality. You don’t need to configure any settings for basic usage. Simply click on the menu options and you will be able to use it, right after the installation is complete.

The main option you want is the “Sandbox”, and clicking this, will allow you to select the “Default Sandbox” option. This will let you run your web browser, email client, in a sandbox.

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Additionally, the run any program, run from Start Menu, will let you run any application inside a Sandbox. Basically any EXE file can run inside a sandbox, even your video games, media players, download managers, etc.

Any application you run in a sandbox, will have a yellow border around it, to indicate that it is being protected by Sandboxie.

Sandboxie also has a system tray icon, which has the same shortcuts, which we described above. The tray icon is also needed for Sandboxie’s service to run in the background. You can exit the app when you are done with it.

Speaking of which, once you have finished using an app, simply delete the contents of a sandbox. Doing so, you can start afresh.

You can run multiple sandboxed apps, in multiple sandboxes using the premium version of Sandboxie, which is otherwise impossible in the free version of Sandboxie.

The application runs on virtually all Windows versions, from Windows XP to Windows 10, and is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit computers. The RAM usage is negligible and doesn’t impact the performance of the PC, and so is the installer’s size, which is about 8MB.

Buy Sandboxie at a low price now, and save with our exclusive discount code. Sandboxie is not merely a browser protection tool, but it also contains any and every file you download to it, and thus prevents any malicious content from affecting your hard disk.