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It is widely known that Mac operating system is famous for its simplicity, reliability and quality. But even it needs thorough care and management, for example, deletion of junk files, uninstallation of unneeded applications, and so on. Of course, you can find and download plenty of different programs on the Internet and keep your system clean and safe. But, I think, there is no need do to that because you can get all necessary and handy tools for your Mac just downloading and installing only one program- MacKeeper Premium.

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This very useful and handy program will give you everything. It includes sixteen great utilities which help you to perform a lot of operations, for example, you have the possibility to clean your system from junk files, reliably and safely uninstall applications, securely and unrecoverably delete sensitive files, and much more. MacKeeper is an advanced and all in one suite for reliable maintenance of Mac operating system. After installing it you will get tons of useful utilities for cleaning and protecting the system on the one hand and optimizing and controlling it on the other hand. The program offers only the most useful and necessary utilities.

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So, what utilities are at your disposal? The answer is very simple- only great and advanced utilities! For convenience’s sake, the developers divided all these utilities into five categories- Cleaning, Security, Performance, Data Control and Privacy.

Cleaning- with the help of the utilities which are collected in this category, you can clean memory, remove junk files, uninstall unneeded applications, find duplicate files and analyze the content of your hard drive. These five utilities will significantly increase performance and speed of your Mac. For example, Memory Cleaner utility will optimize you RAM and clean those processes which consume and slow down your computer; the second utility Fast Cleanup will remove all unnecessary and junk files from your Mac, for example, temporary caches and logs, legacy application paths and unused language packs, and so on; the third utility Smart Uninstaller will help you safely uninstall those applications which you do not use daily. The main advantage of this tool is that it will uninstall any application without leaving leftovers in your system; the fourth utility Duplicates Finder is very useful for those users which have a lot of duplicate files on their system and want quickly find and remove them. This utility provides you with plenty of options and parameters, for example, very convenient searching settings which allow you to specify scanning parameters such as file types, extensions, names, and so on; the fifth utility Disk Usage is specially designed to analyze and view what files and folders consume the most disk space and after that delete those files which are not necessary for you.

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Security- it goes without saying that Mac operating system is the most secure in the world, but even it needs permanent protection. Two utilities which MacKeeper Premium gives you in this category will help you to protect the system reliably. These two utilities are- Internet Security and Anti-theft. The Internet Security utility is one of the best security applications on the software market for Mac operating system. It allows you to protect your computer against any online and offline threats in real time. Thanks to using the most advanced algorithms, it provides you with reliable protection against any kind of viruses such as adware, spyware, trojans, and so on. The Anti-theft utility is a real treasure for those Mac users who want to secure your computer from theft or loss. This utility allows you to specify some parameters which help you to find stolen or lost Mac easily.

Performance- if you want to keep your Mac at the peak of its performance, you can take full advantage of those two tools which are provided in this category by the program- Login items and Update tracker. The Login items utility allows you to control and manage startup applications and services. You can disable those services which consume too many system resources and greatly increase system boot. The Update tracker utility helps you keep all installed applications up-to-date.

Data Control- MacKeeper Premium provides you with four utilities which allow you to control data of your Mac. The Files Data utility helps you to search for and find any file on your Mac quickly thanks to a lot of searching options and parameters. You can for example, search for audio or video files, text documents or photos; the Default Apps utility allows you to associate file types with any of installed applications; the Files Recovery utility will help you to recover accidentally deleted files; and, finally, the Backup utility allows you to back up all your important files and the system and easily restore it.

Privacy- if you are care about your private and confidential files and folders, two tools which MacKeeper Premium offers in this category are just for you; they are Data Encryptor and Shredder. The Data Encryptor utility is of use if you want to protect your private files from others. It allows you to protect them with a strong password. Algorithms used by the program for encrypting files are the most advanced, i.e. AES-128 and AES-256. The Shredder utility allows you to delete files from the system securely and unrecoverably. Thanks to using the most popular deletion methods (for example, Gutmann method), nobody will be able to restore files and use them.