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SEO SpyGlass Professional Coupon Code

When you are browsing the internet, you see many popular websites and blogs. Often these sites are ranked on the top of the search results page. Articles, or products from this website are the 1st link in the results. Why? SEO, of course.

Search engines rank websites based on how popular they are, but that is not the only criteria why. Websites are also ranked for quality content. Perform a search for a very specific term, like how to save money using coupons, or Emsisoft coupon codes, or something, and you may see that one website ranks above the rest for the keyword. That’s because the webpage contains the term which was queried.

So, what can we take from this? Individual pages are ranked too. But there is one other factor, which is very important to provide a better SEO rating, and that is called backlinks. These are often referred to as “source” or “credits”, especially by blogs and news media websites.

That is, when one website quotes another website, the latter is credited as the original author. This reference is usually in the form of the source website’s name, and this text is often linked to the website’s address, or a specific page on the said website.

In SEO terms, the page on which a person is redirected to in this manner, is called a landing page. And the link which brought the user to the landing page, that is a backlink. It is common knowledge among SEO experts, that the more number of backlinks a website has, the better it us ranked by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

How many backlinks does your website have? And how many of those are good? This is impossible to answer manually, but with the proper tool, it is easily identifiable.

And this tool is called, SEO SpyGlass Professional. Using this application you will be able to track all the backlinks of a website, and it can also be used to scan for and minimize risks of penalties from search engine algorithms.

The starter interface of SEO SpyGlass Professional, is quite similar to that of Rank Tracker, from the same company. You begin by entering a URL, the web address of the website you want the software to analyze, and click on the next button.

This will begin the process of scanning the website for backlinks, and it may take a while depending on how big the website is, etc. Then you will see a report of the total number of backlinks found, and how many of those were analyzed, and the total time taken for the scan to finish.

SEO SpyGlass Professional is without a doubt the best backlink research & auditing tool out there. Before scanning, you may want to enable the “Expert Options” which allows you to add your Google AdWords and Analytics account to SpyGlass Professional, for advanced results.

A lot of people reach out to other websites, offering to publish guest posts, in exchange for a backlink to their own website. Sometimes the owner of the website may disable the link or change it froma do follow link to a no follow link, which after a while has passed, could hurt the author’s website, because it is now a backlink shorter.

You can see the number of do-follow links a website has, right after a search has been completed. This window is the main screen of SpyGlass Professional. There are 4 different tabs here: Backlink Profile, Domain Comparison, Domain Strength, and Reports.

Backlink Profile has very detailed statistics such as the total number of dofollow backlinks, their percentage, the number of dofollow domains and their percentage, and the same information about C-Blocks. You can view charts about backlink progress, linking domains, a world map of backlink countries, anchor texts summart, the number of linked pages and their percentage, etc.

The Backlinks section lists every single backlink to your website, along with the information about the page which it is linked to, the anchor text, inlink rank, domain inlink rank, etc, You can also see the link penalty risk, which Google and other search engines slam on websites which have harmful or dangerous risks, etc. Using these, you can disavow these links quickly without any hassle, from impacting your SEO ranking.

The program saves the history of backlinks, so can analyze them in the future for changes. But SEO SpyGlass Professional does have statuses for links, which have been edited by the website which was the origin of the backlink. The Linking domains section shows similar stats, but also shows traffic coming through the backlinks. Anchors & Pages lists all the anchor texts, and pages which are linked to your website.

The Domain comparison tool can be used for comparing two or more domains to see how they are doing in terms of backlinks. This includes a side by side comparison chart of the domain strength, inlink rank, alexa rank, age, total number of backlinks and linking domains, OP Addresses, C-Blocks, Dofollow backlinks, Top Countrt (from which backlinks arrive), linked pages, etc.

This is very useful for monitoring your competition’s backlinks, link profiles, etc, and strategically analyze, them and prep your own website with better links. Domain Strength is a summarized version of a websites quality metric, inluding SEO ratings, and information such as how many pages are indexed by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

SEO SpyGlass Professional Coupon Code

SEO SpyGlass Professional can generate and save reports as direct links, attachments, plain text or custom HTML email., which can be viewed on any device. You can store 5 projects in SEO PowerSuite’s Cloud, or save them on Dropbox too.

If SEO is a new concept to you, don’t worry, there is an SEO Success Blueprint Report, which is basically a step-by-step guide for getting backlinks.

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