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SoftOrbits Digital Photo Suite Coupon Code

SoftOrbits Digital Photo Suite is the solution you are looking for. And 10 superb programs in a single package. 

  • Photo Editor 
  • Batch Picture Resizer 
  • Photo Retoucher 
  • SoftSkin Photo Makeup 
  • Photo Background Remover 
  • Batch Picture Protector 
  • Sketch Drawer 
  • Photo Stamp Remover 
  • Flash Drive Recovery 
  • Red Eye Removal 

All of these programs can be launched individually,and each have their own special features. One important thing about the programs, are that they all share the same GUI, with the exception of the Batch Picture Resizer and Flash Drive Recovery. 

SoftOrbits Photo Editor: 

This is the image editing software in the suite, and is also called Simple Photo Editor. The main screen has a large pane on which you can drag and drop photos, to import them for editing. You can also use the File menu or the toolbar for the same, with the former being especially useful, as it includes an add folder option. 

The Edit Menu has basic copy, paste, undo and redo functions, while the View Menu has options to toggle the toolbar, status bar, change the zoom view, fit to screen, and also lets you change the theme of the interface to one of the many themes available. 

It is the Tools tab which usually differs, as each program has different utilities. Photo Editor allows you to select specific parts of the picture using the select, free-form select, select color, selection marker tools, and has options to save/load masks. 

You can use the program to adjust the photo’s redeye or to crop, rotate, resize, denoise, reduce blurring, the image or to remove a background or add a background, text to your picture.  The text option is actually the watermark tool, and allows you to add a custom text to protect your photo from being used by others, without your permission. You can customize the font style, size, color, background color, transparency, position, etc. 

There are brushes for undoing, concealing, as well as settings for cloning a stamp, and image correction options to adjust the level s of the brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint and gamma. You can also sharpen or soften the image’s clarity. 

Photo Editor displays a large preview of the photo on the left pane, while the right side houses a sidebar, called the toolbox. The preview pane is where you will be working on making the edits. 

You can resize the toolbox, move it around anywhere in the interface, or even outside the window. When you have made the changes which you desire, click on the toolbox’s remove button to delete the objects/background from the picture. 

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher: 

This program can be used to edit old images or any photos, and delete unwanted objects from the pictures, making the picture a polished one. Special tools in the program include a smudge brush, scratch remover, undo brush, among other features. 

SoftSkin Photo Makeup: 

This program is specifically designed to be used to edit photos of people, and allows you to improve the skin tone, remove imperfections, etc. You can use the lipstick, eye pencil and bleach tools for adding some virtual makeup, to make your picture look much better. 

Photo Background Remover: 

This application allows you to remove a background from a photo, and also has an option to add a different photo, to be used as a background. You could say it is like a green screen used by TV channels, but for still images. 

Batch Picture Protector: 

Batch Picture Protector also called as Batch Picture Watermark, allows you to quickly add watermarks to multiple photos at once. You can either add text watermarks and customize them, or use the logo image watermark to protect your photos. Customized watermarks can be saved, and reused anytime you want to. 

Sketch Drawer: 

This is my favorite program in SoftOrbits Photo Digital Suite, as you can use it to transform any photo to a pencil sketch. This makes the photo look as if it was hand drawn, and you have many texture styles to choose from. 

Photo Stamp Remover: 

This software can be used to remove cars, trees, people, buildings, date stamps, watermarks, etc. So, you can use it to improve your photos, and delete distractions easily. The watermark deletion option is especially useful, in case you wish to remove an outdated watermark, and add a new one. 

Red Eye Removal: 

This application can intelligently analyze your photos and detect red-eye effect, and correct the same. You can also manually perform the edits yourself. 

Batch Picture Resizer: 

SoftOrbits Digital Photo Suite Coupon Code

Batch Picture Resizer allows you to resize multiple photos at once, to enable them to be shared online or to be viewed on various devices. The program has a different GUI, and has two preview panes, a toolbar, and a tab bar with a lot of options. The top preview pane displays the thumbnails of the images which you have imported to the program. Selecting a picture here, displays a slightly larger preview on the bottom left pane, and clicking on the picture displays a full resolution preview in a new window. 

You can use the tab bar to resize the photo based on pixel or percentage height and width, or to select a preset size based on popular monitor screen resolution sizes or device models such as Apple iPhone or HD TVs, etc. Batch Picture Resizer can be used to convert photos in to other image formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIF, TGA, etc, or add watermarks and rename multiple files at the same time. 

Flash Drive Recovery: 

This is the only software in the suite, which doesn’t offer photo editing options. But it is useful, for recovering deleted data from USB memory sticks, digital cameras etc., even after the drive has been formatted or corrupted. You can use the program to recover any type of file. 

The application does allow you to preview JPEG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, TGA, images and RAW image formats CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, RAW, etc. 

All of the software in the SoftOrbits Digital Photo Suite, work on Windows 7/8/8.1, and Windows 10. You can download the trial version and test the suite for free with limited features, before buying the suite. 

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