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SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur Coupon Code

Photography is more than just clicking a button, it is an art. Not everyone can take a good picture, it requires precision, timing, a good eye for the best spots, lighting, etc, and a good camera. 

Nowadays, most people use their pocket friendly camera than a regular DSLR shooter. We are talking about smartphone cameras, of course, and frankly speaking, these cameras have come a long way. We have dual cameras, bigger apertures, wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, etc, on our phones now, along with manual controls in the camera app, which enables us to take great snaps without much effort. 

But sometimes, despite our best efforts, photos get messed up, and end up being blurry. The thing is, we may not notice it when taking the snap. This can happen to anyone. You may have shaken the camera during the shot, or the device may not have optical image stabilization, or someone may have moved in the picture, resulting in a motion blur, which ruins the entire photo. 

Before you delete the photos, and lose invaluable moments, you should try editing them.  What software should you use for this? We recommend SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur, and here’s why. 

Unlike most photo fixing software, which merely sharpen or over-sharpen the entire photo and ruin it, SoftOrbit Easy Photo Unblur uses artificial intelligence algorithms, to analyze the photos which you import to it. The program then detects which part of the photo is blurry, or not in focus, or has a motion blur. Then it applies a fix smartly, which differs from one photo to another.  Basically, the program transforms blurry photos into a good quality picture, without compromising on the details. 

The interface of SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur, is easy to use, no pun intended. It has a simple design, with a toolbar, a menubar and a status bar on the main screen. 

Adding photos to Easy Photo Unblur, can be done in two ways. You can either use the “Add files” button on the toolbar or on the middle of the screen, or just drag and drop the images to the GUI of the program. You can also use the add files or add folder option to import the photos which you wish to edit with the software. You can also remove the photos from the queue, print photos, view the file information, from the File menu. And of course, this menu is where you can save the edited photos from. 

The Edit menu has options for undo, redo, as well as options to copy or paste content from the clipboard. The View menu aloows you to toggle the toolbar, status bar, source image, zooming, and fit to screen options. You can use the view menu to change the theme of the program. The Tools menu has various options including the preferences of Easy Photo Unblur, and also includes shortcuts for the batch mode, crop, rotate, image correction, resize and reduce blurring tools. 

SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur Coupon Code

The Toolbar has an add files, save as, undo, redo options, and also lets you view the original image. You can find shortcuts for accessing the batch mode, image correction and reduce blurring tools. The Status bar on the bottom of the interface, can be used to fit the preview to full screen, adjust the zoom options, and also displays the time taken to edit the image, when you have used the blurring tool. 

The Image Correction tool allows you to change the brightness, contrast, color temperature, tint and gamma levels, and also has options for sharpening and softening specific areas in the photo. 

The format of the picture and its resolution are displayed on the status bar, along with an information button, which displays the metadata properties of the photo, such as the camera make, model, aperture, and other details. 

The crop tool can be used to cut off unwanted portions from the photo, while the rotate option can be used to adjust the angle manually, or along the X-axis and Y-axis. The resize tool, allows you to reduce the area of the picture’s width and height in terms of pixels. You can choose to adjust the resolution (in pixels) size manually, or maintain the exact ratio, or use the smart cropping option. 

Once you add a photo to Easy Photo Unblur, you will see a large preview of the same, on the screen. There is a smaller pane which appears on the right-edge of the interface. 

This sidebar is the Toolbox in SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur, and allows you to reduce the blurring using some settings. You can either choose the presets available in the program, which range from Light, Gentle, Soft, Medium or Strong. You can customize the smoothing radius, detail for the blurring too. In addition to this you can adjust the denoise properties such as preprocessing and post-processing. 

Once you are done customizing the settings, just click on the run button on the bottom of the sidebar. This will start the un-blurring process, and you will see a progress bar on the below the preview pane. 

We tested it with some photos where the bokeh effect or portrait mode, was used, and surprisingly, the result was an incredible image. The clarity was not affected, and the colors were natural. But the most impressive feature, was of course, the user friendliness of the program. It also works great with regular images where the photo quality was fuzzy. 

The software also supports batch image editing, which means you can import a bunch of blurry photos, and sharpen them all at the same time. The program does process and edit the images quite quickly, but the actual speed will depend on your computer’s processing power. 

SoftOrbits Easy Photo Blur is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

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