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SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover Coupon Code

Have you ever browsed your vacation pictures, or old photos, and come across many annoyances in the background or the foreground of the photo? Some guy may have walked in to the frame, just when you were clicking a picture of a bird taking off, with a beautiful landscape in the background. That photographic moment may not happen again. 

Similarly, you may have photos where a fence, or a tree, or vehicles, or multiple people are blocking the subject. And you may have old screenshots or wallpapers, or company pictures, where a watermark has been stamped on the picture. Let’s say you have stopped using that watermark, and want to get rid of the same. Is that possible? 

Ever wish you could just delete the unwanted content from the photo, to literally make it picture perfect? You can actually can, with the right software. And that would be SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover. 

The interface of SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover, is similar to the other applications from the company. And this is a good thing, because the simple design makes it extremely easy to use. 

The program has a menubar, toolbar, and a status bar on the main screen. You can drag and drop the images which you want to edit, on to the GUI of Photo Stamp Remover, or use the add files button on the middle of the screen, or the add files button on the toolbar or under the File menu.You can also add an entire folder of photos, to import the contents to the program. This menu, also houses options for deleting the photos from the queue, save the edited photos, print the pictures, etc. 

You can undo or redo the edits you made, from the edit menu, which can also be used to copy or paste the clipboard’s content. The toolbar and the status bar can be toggled from the View menu, which can also be used to view the source image, change the zoom view, or to fit the screen. Photo Stamp Remover has several themes to choose from, and which can be switched to from the view menu. 

The Selection menu in the program has a free-form select, rectangular box selection tool, selection marker, and a color select tool which you can use to mark the part of the photo, which you wish to re-touch. You can also save or load a mask which you create from this menu, or clear a selected area. 

The Tools menu has options for deleting a selected area, a crop tool, smudge brush, concealer brush, and clone stamp tools. There is an undo brush which allows you to quickly reverse the changes you made. You can access the program’s options from the tools menu, and the batch mode as well. 

The toolbar in the program, has options to quickly add files, save the images, undo/redo edits, etc. You can also switch to the original image to see how the unedited photo looks like. 

When you add a photo to Photo Stamp Remover, you will see the preview of the image, on the left side of the window. There is a Status Bar on the bottom of the window, which has a zoom slider, fit to screen options.  

After editing a photo, you will see how many seconds it took the program, to finish the editing process, the image format and resolution size. There is also an i, representing an information button. Clicking on this button displays the exif data of the image, such as the camera’s brand, model, aperture size and other settings which were used to take the photo, and other information. 

The toolbox pane, appears on the right side of the Photo Stamp Remover window, once you have added a photo for editing. This panel has the remove settings, and tools similar to the ones found in the selection menu. There is a slider which can be used to adjust the radius size of the tools. There is an Object Removing Mode, which has 3 modes to choose from: Inpainting 2.0, Texture generation, and Quick Remove. 

SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover Coupon Code

You can resize and move the Toolbox panel, anywhere you want to place it. You can even drag the pane, outside the program’s window. This allows you to perform edits without being distracted by the side-panel. 

When you have customized the stamp settings, and marked the selection area in the photo, you just have to click on the remove button. Sit back and watch the magic, as the program processes the changes, which takes a few seconds. The speed at which the application edits the image, depends on how powerful your computer is. 

To mark an area for editing using the rectangle selection tool, or the clone stamp, you need to press and hold down the alt key, and drag your cursor over the area in the photo which you need to edit. 

For example, we added a watermark right in the center of a photo, and made it transparent. So, it was on several parts of the photo. Then, we used the selection tools, to highlight the watermark, and clicked the Remove button. And the watermark was gone in a few seconds, just like that. 

The user friendliness of the application, was quite unbelievable. Anybody can use it with ease, with no experience in computers, whatsoever. You can use Photo Stamp Remover to remove blemishes on faces, discoloration in pictures, etc with ease. 

Photo Stamp Remover can be used to edit multiple images at the same time, using the batch image option. This can save you a lot of time, which would have otherwise been spent on editing each photo individually. 

SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and works brilliantly on Windows 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10. 

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