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SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Coupon Code

Do you sketch? You may have a long time ago, but can you draw like a pro? You come across many beautiful sketch drawings from time to time. Some of these are actually computer made, i.e., graphics. 

Are you looking for a way to turn your photos into a pencil sketch portrait? If so, it is definitely possible, with a simple software, such as SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer. Unlike most photo editors or camera applications, which merely add a filter to the picture to change the photo to a ketch, SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer gives you a ton of control over the finer parameters, to allow you to get your desired effect for the image. 

And don’t worry about using the program, it is very user-friendly, so anybody can create a sketch with ease. The interface of SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer has a simple design.  

There is a large pane on the middle, a menu bar and a toolbar on the top, and a statusbar. To add a picture, which you wish to convert to a sketch, you can use one of three import methods available in the program. 

The fastest method is to drag and drop the images on to the inteface of SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer. You can also add the photos using the file menu, or the toolbar option which says “Add Files”. You can add a folder too, if you want to edit multiple photos at once. 

The File menu has other uses as well, including options to print the picture, save the edited photo, viewing the file information, etc. You can undo or redo the changes you make, from the Edit menu, and copy or paste the clipboard’s content. The View menu allows you to toggle the toolbar, status bar from the GUI. You can also use the menu to shift to the source image, change the zoom view or fit the photo to the screen’s resolution. There are a lot of themes available in SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer, and you can switch between these any time. 

When you have added a photo to the program, a large preview of the same, will be displayed on the middle of the screen. A side-panel will appear on the right edge of the screen, this is the toolbox. You can detach the toolbox, resize it, and move it around the program’s interface, or even outside the window. The Tools menu has a batch mode, which can be used to edit multiple images at once. It also has options for cropping the photo, rotating it, an undo brush, and shortcuts for the image correction settings. 

The Watermarks option allow you to add a text watermark to copyright the picture, and protect your photo from misuse. You can customize the text content of the watermark, change the font style, size, color, and even the color of the background, the watermark’s transparency, position, offset for the X and Y axes, and the angle of the watermark (in degrees). 

You are not restricted to using a text watermark, you can also use a photo watermark too, say for example, your logo or website address, etc. The Image Correction settings, also available on the Toolbox, can be used to auto correct the photo with the default settings. But you can manually adjust the levels of the brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature, tint, gamma, of the photo too. You can also use the sharpen or soften tools to improve the picture, as you see fit. 

Click on the Sketch option in the program, to access the main feature of SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer. You will see a rectangular box on the preview pane. The box can be resized and moved, as per your requirement, and displays a pencil sketch preview of the area of the photo on which the box is placed. There are several presets available in the program, each of which has a different effect. The list of filters here include Pen, Felt-Tip pen, Simple, Light, Light Brown, Schematic, Low Contrast, High Contrast, Detailed Sketch, Light Colors, Color Drawing, Professional Color Sketch, Expressive, Pop Art, Pastel and Plastic. 

You can choose between the Realistic and Classic Sketch types, each of which offers different types of controls. The Realistic style is what you want, if you want the photo to look like it was hand drawn, and has controls for adjusting the edge strength, smudging, intensity, stroke length and thickness of the hatching and contour. You can use the colorize option to normalize the histogram or use the color shift. 

The Classic Style has options to adjust the edge strength, enable color sketch, hatching, fill white areas, detail, normalize histogram, color shift, etc. There are several texture styles which you can choose from. These are brush effects and a small preview of each texture is displayed to help the user.  The preview pane of the program is actually very fast to generate the live preview of the photo, and gives an accurate presentation of the final image, which you can save. 

When you have finalized all the settings for your photo, just click on the run button in the toolbox, to begin the conversion process. Wait for a few seconds as the program processes the changes, and you will be able to save the final sketch image to your computer. 

SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Coupon Code

The screenshot which you see here, show you a partial preview of the sketch and the photo, to indicate clearly how good the program is. And we have to say, it is quite unbelievable that a picture can be transformed into a sketch with almost zero effort from the user’s side. It is like magic. 

You can download the trial version of SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer, and use it for free for 30 days. The program works on Windows 7/8/8.1, and Windows 10. 

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