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Searching for the perfect antivirus software, is sometimes an endless quest. Some security software are good, but slow down the PC, and often it is the other way around. This makes the task even more difficult, right?  You don’t have to worry about that, because we may have the perfect solution for you right here. And it is not just for Windows computer users, the same antivirus is also available for macOS. Save now with this Sophos Home Premium Coupon Code.

Sophos Home Premium Coupon Code

This is the only antivirus, which offers business class security for home users. You can manage your antivirus online from a web browser using the Sophos online dashboard. This feature is common for the Mac and Windows versions, and will be explained in its own section. 

Sophos Home Premium for Windows: 

The interface of Sophos Home Premium has just 2 buttons. “Clean My Computer” and “Manage MY Security”. The antivirus runs a scan automatically, when you install it.  But you can manually run a scan by using the Clean My Computer option. The scan speeds are very impressive and scans are usually over within just a few minutes. 

The memory usage of the antivirus is quite low, even during a scan. We noticed that Sophos Home Premium used about 25MB memory during scans, which is very impressive. Most antivirus software use more than 100MB during normal use and much more during scans. Thanks to the low memory usage in Sophos, we were able to multi-task in other applications without experiencing any lags or slow-downs. 

Just below the “Clean My Computer” option, a text indicator displays when the last scan was run. The Exceptions option can be used for managing which files, applications, folders, etc should be white-listed by the antivirus, so they aren’t detected as false positives. 

When Sophos Home Premium completes a scan and detects some threats, it displays a scan summary, which lists all the detected items and depending on the severity of the threat, labels the window accordingly. For example, if a Potentially Unwanted Application was detected by Sophos, you will see the Window reads “No real threats found”. 

Regardless of whether the application discovered a PUA or a more serious threat, you will get a mail to your registered email address, with some information about what threat was detected on your computer. The mail also contains a link to the online Sophos dashboard, but you can also access the same using the Manage My Security option on the program’s interface.  

Sophos Home Premium for Mac: 

The GUI of Sophos Home Premium for Mac is much simpler than its Windows counterpart. In fact, you just have the single menu button to use. You can click on the Scan option to run a fast scan, or choose to pick the full scan in case Sophos found some threat. The macOS app is called “Endpoint” for a reason, you don’t manage it on the desktop client. 

Sophos Dashboard: 

The majority of the features in Sophos Home Premium, are managed online using the dashboard. You can manage your antivirus’ settings, take actions on detections, remotely from any computer, using just your web-browser. 

Sophos Home Premium Coupon Code

This sort of cloud based management, along with the email alerts which Sophos delivers, are the business class security which the program offers. Can you name any other antivirus which offers such control and notifications? 

There are a few tabs on the Sophos dashboard’s interface. 


The Status tab is kind of the main tab in the dashboard, as this is where you can see if the Antivirus protection, Web protection, Ransomware protection, Privacy protection and Malicious Traffic detection are active, and should you want to, you can toggle them off, or manage the settings for each individual module. You can also see the most recent threat which was discovered on your computer, mentioned in the Status tab. 

The Antivirus Protection is the most critical feature in Sophos Home Premium, and helps keep your computer safe from infections like viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, bots, potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), ransomware, etc,. 

The Ransomware Protection keeps encryption malware at bay, while the Web Protection blocks malicious websites from loading in your web browser. The Malicious Traffic detection prevents programs from pinging malicious servers, and the Privacy protection notifies you, when an application is using your webcam.  


You can see when scans were run, and when a threat was detected by Sophos Home Premium, in the History tab. 


You can manage the real-time protection here, along with the Potentially Unwanted Apps detection and Malicious Traffic detection, and also include the folders and files which should be whitelisted by the antivirus. 


If you want to disable the Ransomware protection and the Master Boot Record protection you can do so using this tab in the dashboard. 

The Web tab allows you to whitelist websites, and manage the malicious website blocker,  while the Web Filtering options can be used for configuring what types of websites should be allowed, or blocked. You can block content which is not safe for children, using the parental controls available here. The Social Networking & Computing filters can be used for a more refined control over the categories of websites which will be allowed or blocked such as blogs, forums, chat, downloads, streaming media, web-email, etc.  


This tab has settings for the mic and camera protection settings which will alert you when an app is trying to access your microphone or your webcam, without your permission. 

Sophos Home Premium free trial: 

You can try Sophos Home Premium for free on your Windows or Mac computer. This trial version works exactly the same as the paid versions. So, you have a month to try all the features on your system, and even the online dashboard is available, without having to pay a cent. So, we recommend you to use it to test how the antivirus performs before deciding to go for the premium version.  

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