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If you are the proud owner of a Mac, you should consider securing the data on your machine. We aren’t talking about data backups per se, but rather the actual security for the operating system, like an antivirus app. One such as Sophos Home Premium for Mac.  Save now with this Sophos Home Premium for Mac Coupon Code. 

Sophos Home Premium for Mac Coupon Code

Why should you choose Sophos Home Premium for Mac? What does it offer that other antivirus apps don’t? Let us explain about the various features of the app, and answer that question. 

The Mac app of Sophos Home Premium is called Sophos Endpoint. This is a term used for antivirus solutions which are usually used by Enterprises. The reason why Sophos uses it for a home antivirus app is because you get Business class security, when opting for Sophos Home Premium. 

The interface of the macOS endpoint is minimalistic as possible. When you install the antivirus on your mac, you will be able to see an icon on the menu bar. When you click on the Sophos icon, you will see the current status of your antivirus, i.e., whether your Mac’s protection is active or not. You can click on the three-dot menu icon to access the antivirus’ menu.  

The scan option offers two types of scans, a fast scan and a full scan, though the option only reads “Start Scan”. The default scan is the fast scan, and it lives up to its name, and finishes very quickly. Once the first scan has been completed, the status should change to “You are protected”. The Full Scan option is only necessary if Sophos Home Premium alerts you after discovering an infection. But you can run the scan if you want to. 

You can use the “Check for updates” option to download the latest virus definitions, though this is not necessary, as the program does so automatically at regular intervals. 

Clicking on “Manage devices” or the “Preferences” on the menu, or the “Protect Additional Devices” or the “Show All Activity” options on the main screen, all take you to the online dashboard of Sophos. So, you see everything is managed using the web based dashboard, which you can access from your web browser. And you can manage the security of your devices regardless of which computer you are using, and where you are. 

There are 5 tabs in the Sophos web dashboard. These are labelled Status, History, Protection, Web Filtering and Privacy.  

Sophos Home Premium for Mac Coupon Code

The Status tab lists all displays whether all the modules in the antivirus are active. So you can see at a glance if the Antivirus protection, Web protection, Ransomware protection, Privacy protection and Malicious Traffic detection are working as they are supposed to. 

There is a configure shorcut for each of the modules, and a status indicator which lists any recent threats which were found on your Mac. 

Sophos Home Premium’s primary feature is the Antivirus protection, which can detect and block viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, bots, potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), ransomware, etc, from impacting your system. 

You can surf the web without worrying about malicious websites, which are automatically blocked by the Web protection. Ransomware may be the most dangerous malware out there, but Sophos can block those too, to keep your Mac spotless. 

The Privacy protection is very useful, as it can alert you, when some app tries to use the camera without your permission. The Malicious Traffic detection blocks apps from connecting to servers which may be spreading malware. 


The History tab is where you can see when scans were run, when any threat was detected, etc.  


This tab has 3 sections (General, Ransomware, Web) 

The General tab can be used to manage the Real-time protection, Potentially Unwanted Apps detection and Malicious Traffic detection toggles. So, if the antivirus blocks a legit app or website, you can temporarily toggle the switch off or enable it back. 

You can add files and folders, which you want to whitelist from being detected as malicious, in the Exceptions panel. 


You can disable the Ransomware protection and the Master Boot Record protection if you need to from this tab.  


This tab lets you disable the malicious website blocker, or alternatively add websites which you know are harmless, as exceptions, so they don’t get blocked by Sophos Home Premium. 

Web Filtering:  

These options can be used to decide which kind of online content can be allowed, which should be blocked, and whether a warning should appear when the user tries to load specific content. There are parental controls which allow you to block websites which may contain content which are not appropriate for kids. 

The Social Networking & Computing web filters can be used for allowing or blocking certain types of websites and services like blogs, forums, chat, downloads, streaming media, web-email, etc. 


You can use this tab to disable alerts from Sophos Home Premium, which may alert you when an app is using your microphone or your webcam. 

The Add device option in the dashboard can be used to install the antivirus on your other computers including Windows computers. The Scan button on the dashboard lets you remotely run a scan on the machine, which has Sophos Home Premium installed on it. 

When the antivirus detects a malware on your system, a summary of the same is displayed on your Mac. And in addition to this, you will also be alerted via an email which Sophos sends to the registered email address, which you used for registering the account the Sophos online portal. 

What antivirus offers such business level features for home users? We think Sophos could be the only one. 

Sophos Home Premium had almost no impact on our Mac, everything was nice and breezy. In fact you may not notice that the app was running in the background, even when you multi-task with other apps, or perform resource intensive tasks. 

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