Sophos Home Premium for PC and Mac

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Sophos Home Premium is a ray of sunshine among antivirus products, thanks to its lightweight impact on memory usage, and its excellent malware detection rates. If you are looking to buy a license for it at a discounted price, you are at the right place. Save now with this Sophos Home Premium PC/Mac. 

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One of the most common complaints that the majority of people have with their computers, is that their system is slow. My machine feels like it is crawling, and the lags are unbearable, is one of the examples we hear from frustrated PC or Laptop owners. 

In most cases, the culprit behind this issue, is the antivirus. How does a software which is supposed to protect the computer from malware and viruses, cause such a catastrophic impact in the performance? 

It happens you know, and quite frankly, the only way to fix this is to just replace your security software. And we think that Sophos Home Premium is a very good choice to go with. 

Some of you may have used the free version of the program, and for those who haven’t, let us tell you that the Premium version offers a ton of features, which is well worth the money. In short, Sophos Home Premium offers Business-class cybersecurity for Home users, which is very rare among antivirus products. 

Let us walk you through the interface of the application, and explain the features of the same. Sophos Home Premium is quite possibly the antivirus with the most minimalistic design. The main screen of the application is so simple, that it has just two buttons” Clean My Computer and Manage My Security. 

Sophos Home Premium begins a scan of your computer, right of the bat, when the installation process has been completed.  Once the scan has been complered, a summary of the results are displayed. This is where we were really impressed, Sophos Home Premium detected about 8 threats and the screen mentioned “No real threats found”. Upon closer inspection of the results, we found a PUP (Potentially unwanted applications), and the rest were just browser tracking cookies. 

The reason why this is good, is because most antivirus software, just remove these, and don’t call them as “no real threats”, instead they make a big deal out of these minor issue, and instead mark them as infections, and even prompts you to reboot the PC to fix the problem. Sophos Home Premium deserves a kudos for its cool attitude. 

And, we also got an email which mentioned that a PUA has been detected on the system which we were using Sophos Home Premium on. See, this is the real business class security which we mentioned earlier, your average antivirus doesn’t do all this. 

There is a last scan indicator just below the Clean My Computer button, which also states how many threats were found in the previous scan. The Exceptions text, is a link to the exclusions screen in Sophos Home Premium, which you can use to add specific files, applications, and even websites, which should be ignored by the application, so they are not detected or blocked. The local exclusions tab does the exact same thing, except for the programs and files which are stored on the PC. 

Sophos Home Premium used about 20MB to 25MB of RAM, when it was running a scan on our test computer. This is incredibly light when compared to other antivirus software. Most security applications use 100MB or more during normal usage, and more than double of that, when running a scan.  

Clicking on the “Clean My Computer” option starts a manual scan of the computer. The Manage My Security option can be used to add the antivirus on more devices. Essentially, this opens the web browser to install the antivirus on your other computers. 

You can login to, which is an online dashboard. This is actually where you will manage your Sophos Home Premium’s settings. Usually, this kind of online management and the very simple antivirus options are only found on Endpoint Security solutions, which are used by Enterprises and other Businesses. 

Sophos Home Premium Coupon Code

There are 5 tabs here: 


This is where you can see whether your antivirus protection, web protection, ransomware protection, privacy protection and Malicious Traffic detection are active or not.  

Clicking on the configure option which is available for each for the protection types, takes you to the settings for the corresponding tab. You can also see the alerts, i.e., the detected threats on your PC on the Status screen of the online dashboard. 


The History tab has a much more detailed list of events, i.e., detections, scans run, etc. 


You can disable the real-time protection or the PUA detection or Malicious Traffic detection from the general section of the protection tab. You can also manage exceptions (exclusions) form the same tab. The exploits tab can be used for checking the status of the exploit mitigation which protects applications from attacks, the risk reduction which prevents attacks from USB devices. You can disable either option, and also manage the applications which are secured under advanced protection of Sophos Home Premium. If you don’t want to see visual indicators about the safety of your applications, you can disable them from the preferences. 

The Ransomware settings can be used to check the status of the Ransomware protection and Master Boot Record Protection, and disable them if necessary.  The Web settings can be used to manage the Web Protection, Safe Online Banking, Download Reputation, and Website Exceptions. 

Web Filtering: 

You can configure what kind of online content should be blocked, or allowed, by Sophos Home Premium, in your browsers. You can also set the program to just warn the user about the content too. This online filtering also works on social networking websites, peer to peer networks, web-based email, chat, etc. The web filtering options can be used as parental controls to block violent, inappropriate content, etc. 


This tab can be used for checking the status of the Webcam Protection, which alerts you when your webcam is being used by another program. 

You can try the free version of Sophos Home , and see if it is a good fit for your machine, before you decide to go for the premium edition. 

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