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Consider NetVizor to be a hybrid of sorts that combines the best features from Spytech’s SpyAgent, SpyAnywhere, and Realtime-Spy monitoring utilities. As an employer or IT administrator, NetVizor gives you that most important edge needed to reign in your employees for maximum productivity. With the ability to monitor every PC on your network in real-time, take remote control of all aspects on each and every workstation, and filter out content to restrict users from performing unwanted actions, NetVizor lets you exert total dominance over all your employees.

Realtime Surveillance

NetVizor’s super-intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to add any PC on your network for surveillance — just enter the IP address associated with the PC and you are good to go. After adding the workstations that you need to monitor, NetVizor actively starts letting you know exactly who’s logged in, as well as what they are doing at that exact moment. Since things can get hectic fast with multiple workstations, you can instead configure the application to display continuous screenshots — in thumbnail format — so that you can be easily aware of the goings on of each user without having to pore over text details. If you feel like taking control over any PC remotely, you only have to instruct NetVizor to do so and you will have total control over the mouse and keyboard of the said workstation.

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Surveillance and Monitoring

NetVizor offers you a whole lot more than just letting you know who’s logged into a particular workstation or what type of window that a user has opened. For example, with its Keystroke Monitoring functionality, you can start looking at all keystrokes done on any remote PC of your choosing, along with additional information such as the application that the keystrokes are being performed on — in real time. With its Application Usage feature, you know exactly what a user is doing on a particular application — how long it has been running and the amount of time that the user has actively used it, etc. Additional features such as File Usage and Documents Opened let you figure out whether users have been opening, modifying, or deleting items without your permission.

Not just that, but you also receive comprehensive monitoring capabilities on anything that goes on while users are online. Features such as Website Activity, Internet Traffic Data, Files Uploaded and Downloaded, allow you to see exactly what users have been up to online, and whether they have been performing online-related tasks without authorization — wasting time on social media sites, uploading sensitive information, logging into unsecure Web portals, etc. NetVizor also features dedicated modules that let you monitor conversations performed on IM chat rooms and social media websites. If required, you can also configure the application to actively monitor all emails sent from local or Web-based email clients to prevent your employees from performing any email activity that’s not strictly business-related.

Remote Administration

In addition to monitoring your workstations, NetVizor also features the ability to perform various remote administrative tasks. You can, for example, use the Remote System Security Auditing feature to audit user policies, registry settings, malware infections, etc., to ensure that nothing is wrong with a particular workstation, and also fix any problems right through the NetVizor user interface itself. Additional features allow you to work directly with entire file systems on remote PCs where you can actively access, modify, or delete any files of your choosing. You can also take things to extreme measures such as imposing complete lockdowns of system features, logging off users, shutting down workstations — all without ever having to be physically present. Simply put, you can do just about anything on your remote workstations just like you would operate a PC normally.

Content Filtering

If you don’t like monitoring stuff, NetVizor lets you prevent your employees from performing unwanted actions in the first place. With its array of content filtering features, you can restrict employees from running any application of your choosing, stop certain websites from loading completely, prohibit users from using chat messengers, block files from being copied to external storage devices, etc. Alternately, you can configure the application to automatically notify you whenever an employee does an unauthorized action — accessing certain applications, loading unwanted websites, using portable drives, sending messages through chat clients, performing modifications to files, etc.

Reporting and Logging

While you can monitor your workstations remotely in real-time, you can also let NetVizor actively record all activity with its log management features — you can review log files for all monitoring tasks through the NetVizor user interface or choose to receive them via email. Since viewing log files can take too long, you can also summarize everything with its Report Generation features, where you can view reports such as Top 10 Online Chat Users, Top 10 Active/Idle Users, Bandwidth Usage, Network-wide Activity Overview, Individual Log Summaries, etc. Further, NetVizor lets you cross-reference logs and link together relevant information, search through log files using specific keywords, remove outdated log files with its Log Retention features, etc.

Should I Buy It?

With NetVizor, Spytech establishes its reputation as one of the pioneers of PC monitoring and surveillance. Whether it’s remotely taking control of a PC, monitoring all aspects of a user’s activity, filtering out what user can and cannot do, and receiving in-depth logs at the end of the day, NetVizor lets you do that and a whole lot more. Combined with the ability to remotely install itself on any PC on your network, and with the added advantage of running it incognito without anyone’s knowledge, NetVizor provides incredible value for money.