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Are you a concerned parent worried about your child’s online activity? Ever wondered if your employees are wasting their time on Facebook instead of working? Constantly distressed whether your spouse might be cheating on you? With Spytech SpyAgent, you can take care of all those issues in an instant. With the ability to stealthily monitor all activity on a computer — keystrokes, online searches, website visits, application usage, etc. — Spytech SpyAgent lets you know what your child, employee, or spouse has been up to with constant email notifications and screenshot recordings.

Installation Modes

Spytech SpyAgent features two types of installation modes — Administrator and Stealth. The default Administrator mode lets you install Spytech SpyAgent normally where you have all processes and shortcuts visible to everyone. Alternately, you can choose to use Stealth mode that leaves no visible traces of the application whatsoever — the Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M keystroke, however, lets you access the user interface at any time that you want. Regardless of the mode that you use to install Spytech SpyAgent, you can later configure it to either work stealthily or visibly without having to reinstall the application from scratch. Upon installation, you must create a password that you must use whenever you want to access Spytech SpyAgent, thereby adding an element of security that prevents others from modifying your personalized settings.

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Intuitive Interface

Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface, Spytech SpyAgent requires no IT expertise on your part to make things work. The main application window displays all options in tiled format that includes any monitoring functionalities that you can possible think of — Keyboard & Mouse, Program Usage, Screenshots, Events Timeline, Files and Documents, Mic & Webcam, E-mail Activity, Website Usage, etc. To the left of the window, Spytech SpyAgent includes multiple delivery options that can help you determine exactly how you want to receive the reports of a monitoring session, as well as certain features — Content Filtering, Screen Spy, Smart Logging, Scheduling, and Behavior Alerts — that lets you modify the behavior of the various monitoring tools available at your disposal.

PC Monitoring

Spytech SpyAgent’s Keyboard & Mouse, Windows Viewed, and Programs Usage features actively records all applications executed, windows opened, and keystrokes performed during a PC session, along with the exact time that a particular action was performed and the user who did it. With its Files & Documents feature, you can further get a detailed record of any files that were viewed, printed, downloaded, or uploaded — for ease of use, Spytech SpyAgent further separates everything into neatly labeled sections, which also includes information such as the application or utility used to perform each action. If checking out all these features separately get too hectic or time consuming, you instead choose to use a nifty option called the Events Timeline that distills all actions into one seamless viewing experience.

Email Monitoring

The inclusion of an Email Activity monitoring module makes recording all email activity a breeze. With the ability to log all incoming and outgoing activity that includes everything from the subject of an email to any attachments included within, you can be rest assured that your employees don’t send out any confidential emails outside your organization. In addition to monitoring local email clients, Spytech SpyAgent also features full support for webmail clients as well — Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook.com, etc. — which further broadens your monitoring capabilities and ensures that an employee, child, or spouse doesn’t have the upper hand on you.

Online Activity

Beyond logging all computer usage information and incoming/outgoing email activity, Spytech Spyware takes everything to the next level with full-on recordings of all online activity. You can, for example, view a detailed log of all browser activity such as websites visited, searches performed, favorites added, etc. Further, you can also choose to view any conversations that has taken place through IM chatrooms such as AOL, Skype, ICQ, Yahoo, etc., as well as any social media activity on Facebook and Google+. Probably one of the best features present is Spytech SpyAgent’s ability to actively record any and all activity performed on a webcam or microphone — due to issues that you may run storage-wise, however, you have to first configure the application for this feature to work.

Delivery Methods

While you can always use the Spytech SpyAgent user interface to view all recorded logs, the application also features various other options that allow you to view them in a more convenient fashion. For example, you can choose to receive your logs via emails, where you can even choose the exact time that you want to receive them — hourly, daily, weekly, etc. To prevent yourself from getting bombarded with extraneous information, you can specify exactly what gets included within each email that you receive. Alternately, you can also enter an FTP server’s user credentials to review your logs directly via an FTP client or Web browser.

Additional Features

There are various additional properties that allow you to modify how Spytech SpyAgent monitors a PC. While you can directly specify exactly what you want recorded, you can choose to use features such as ScreenSpy to grab screenshots so that you know exactly what a user has been up to, or you can use SmartLogging that only triggers a monitoring session when a particular action has been performed. In addition, the application also features a scheduling option that you can use to determine exactly when the application needs to monitor the activity of a PC. Further, you can take things to the extreme by directly preventing users from accessing certain applications, blocking social media websites, disabling certain operating system features, etc.

Should I Buy It?

Not only does Spytech SpyAgent do a great job at monitoring all aspects of a PC — from offline applications to online activity — but the application also has the ability to directly block users from performing unwanted actions. It’s dual-installation modes bring in the best of both worlds where you can, for example, use Spytech SpyAgent as a deterrent against lazy employees or to stealthily monitor any suspicious activities of a child or spouse. Considering the amount of features that it has on offer — its key logging capabilities alone are worth the price of admission — Spytech SpyAgent provides incredible value for money.