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Simply put, Spytech SpyAnywhere is any employer’s dream come true. If you are a budding entrepreneur looking to control your employees, Spytech SpyAnywhere lets you exert total dominance over all aspects of any PCs that the application’s installed on. Whether it’s monitoring your employees knowingly in complete secrecy, receiving real-time information on computer usage, gaining remote control over a desktop, or receiving detailed records of all activity at the end of the day, SpyAnywhere lets you do that and a whole lot more.

Setting It Up

To get Spytech SpyAnywhere up and running, you must directly install the application onto each PC that you want to monitor — if you have administrative privileges on your local network, you can choose to deploy Spytech SpyAnywhere via group policy. Installation is very simply, and can be completed using the default Administrator mode or the alternate Stealth mode — the former doesn’t hide the presence of the application, while the latter installs the application without any shortcuts, menus, and processes that completely hides it from view. Upon installation, you need to create a unique password that you must use whenever you want to remotely monitor the PC.

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Web-based Monitoring

Rather than providing a user interface to monitor and remotely control other PCs, Spytech SpyAnywhere makes things simple by giving you the option to view all activity via any Web browser of your choosing. By inserting the IP address of the PC that you want to monitor, you can instantly start looking at the activity of all users signed into it. From the Spytech SpyAnywhere remote Web-panel, you can do just about anything that you can think of — access, modify, or delete files, gain control of the desktop, view activity in log format, shutdown or restart the PC, etc. All available options are separated into labeled side-tabs — System Control, System Monitoring, and System Integration — for ease of access.

System Monitoring

The System Monitoring section features your standard monitoring tools. Using the View Realtime Keystrokes module, for example, you can start to actively monitor all keystrokes in real time with just a few micro-seconds of delay — the application even manages to capture sensitive information such as usernames and password on Web portals. In addition, you can choose to perform various other actions such as viewing desktops in screenshot format to know what your employees are up to, view all Internet connections on the PC to ensure that no one bypasses any restriction imposed via group policy, view temporary system files and history to get to know what users have been up to, etc.

System Control

System Control lets you have complete control over all aspects of the remote PC. In addition to viewing any running processes, opened Windows, hard drive content, etc., you can also choose to lockdown a system to prevent users from performing any further action on the PC — a great feature to have if you are an Internet café owner. Further, you can choose to perform more drastic actions such as logging off users, shutting the PC down, or even restarting it. If required, Spytech SpyAnywhere also lets you remotely access the desktop and directly perform any function just like you would operate a PC normally without the user at the other end having no say in the matter whatsoever.

SpyAgent Integration

The SpyAgent Integration section serves as a complimentary module if you have Spytech’s alternate application SpyAgent installed on the remote PC. With that, don’t have to sit looking at your Web browser actively monitoring users all day long, since you can instead choose to record all activity that goes on in the remote PC and review everything at the end of the day. You can, for example, choose to receive detailed reports of application usage that includes a log of all keystrokes performed, any applications that were opened, the exact time an action was performed, the user who performed the action, etc. Not just that, but you also receive detailed information of any emails that were sent or received via local or web-based email clients, as well as records of any activity performed on social media websites such as Facebook and Google+.

Should I Get It?

The amount of remote access features present in the application is simply mind-blowing. Not only does the application do a terrific job at letting you view all activity remotely just as they happen, but you can also choose to actively take over complete control over any aspect of the remote PC. Since you can install the application for everyone to see, which acts as a deterrent against unwanted activity, or use stealth mode to note down any employees that waste valuable time, you increase productivity either way. Spytech SpyAnywhere’s deep integration with SpyAgent further sweetens the deal and opens up an array of additional options that you can use to record exactly what goes on in a PC.