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Spytech enhances its already excellent SpyAnywhere monitoring utility by fully configuring it to run incognito right out of the box. Dubbed “Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition,” the application features a pre-configured installer and program settings that even tech-savvy individuals would have a hard time figuring out if they are under surveillance. If you are a budding entrepreneur looking out for your employees, for example, Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition’s vast array of PC monitoring features serve as the ideal solution for that exact purpose.

Complete Stealth Installation

Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition requires that you manually install the application on each PC or workstation that you need monitored. Since the installer already comes pre-configured with the latest stealth settings, you can just sit back and wait for the installation procedure to complete — the installer doesn’t add any Start menu entries, desktop shortcuts, taskbar notifications, or uninstallation options; even Task Manager processes are made invisible. Upon installation, you must create a unique password that you must use whenever you want to monitor the PC remotely.

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Remote Activity Viewing

Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition does not record the activities performed on monitored PCs, but instead lets you view them in real time. Rather than featuring a fully-functional desktop user interface, the application instead lets you monitor your PCs via any Web browser of your choice. Once you add the IP address and password of the PC that you want to monitor, you can start viewing all activities performed on it in real-time. The super-intuitive Web-based user interface lets you instantly select the exact aspect of the PC that you want monitored — in addition to that, you can also choose to take control of the computer remotely.

Monitoring Remote Computers

With its real-time computer surveillance features, Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition lets you instantly monitor nearly anything that you want. Since keyboard inputs play a huge role in determining what goes on in a computer, the stealth monitoring utility allows you to you view all keystrokes performed as they happen, complete with additional information such as the person who performed it and the application that was used for the task. You can also opt to receive continuous screenshots of the desktop to determine whether users have any applications open that you do not want — further, Spytech SpyAnywhere lets you view all running processes so that you can check out if unwanted applications are running in the background.

Taking Control Remotely

In addition to remotely monitoring the activities on computers that you have Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition installed on, the monitoring utility also features the ability to remotely take control of nearly any aspect of the PC that you can think of. You can, for example, choose to view a list of running tasks or applications, and remotely stop those that you don’t want users from performing. Alternately, you can directly opt to open applications for remote users to access — support also extends to Web browsers, where you can actively launch any websites that you want users to interact with.

Beyond that, Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition lets you remotely gain access to the file system on any monitored workstation, and actively open, modify, or delete any item of your choosing. Other remote control features include abilities such as freezing mouse control, preventing keyboard functionality, displaying warning messages, etc. Further, Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition even features drastic remote actions such as logging out users from their workstations, locking down entire systems, or shutting down computers, with the person on the other side having no clue about what’s happening.

Deep SpyAgent Integration

Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition features deep integration support for Spytech’s alternate SpyAgent monitoring utility. Since the former only supports real-time monitoring, the latter further enhances its capabilities by actively recording everything from keystrokes performed, applications used, to websites launched, complete with detailed information about the exact user and time period that all actions took place. If you miss out on any unauthorized actions performed by users while you aren’t actively monitoring stuff, you have SpyAgent’s reporting logs ready and waiting for review later on — SpyAgent also features a Stealth Edition that hides its presence from all users.

Dedicated Security Features

By featuring a whole bunch of security features, Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition doesn’t compromise your surveillance efforts under any circumstance. The stealth monitoring utility, for example, actively prevents anti-tracking modules from gaining a bead on its presence, where the presence of a secure password-protected login access portal further determines that you, and only you alone can remotely access and remove each SpyAnywhere installation. In cases of dynamic IP address changes, Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition features the ability to automatically send out updated IP addresses to you — directly via email — so that you monitor each remote PC without any hassle.

Should I Buy It?

With its plethora of remote capabilities, Spytech SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition serves as the perfect example of what a surveillance utility can do. In addition to providing you seamless access to monitor all activities performed by users remotely and in real time, the application also allows you to take full control of each remote computer at any given moment — just as if you are physically present. As a bonus, the Stealth Edition’s preconfigured settings allow you to deploy the application stealthily without wasting time trying to manually remove any visible traces from view. Remote activity logging with deep SpyAgent integration features further sweeten the deal, and provides immense value for your buck.