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BitRaser for File Coupon Code

Do you plan on selling your computer? Or replacing your hard drive or recycling an old one? That’s great. But what about the data on your hard drive? Did you format the entire drive? Of course you did. But let me ask you this, do you think the hard drive is truly blank? No, your data is still on there even after you formatted the drive. It is still there, even if you reinstalled Windows. This applies even when you use the shift key and delete a file.

Regardless of what option you chose, your data can be recovered by means of a recovery software. That’s because hard drives store the files in data sectors, and these do not get erased when you format or delete the data. So, how do you truly get rid of the file?

We recommend using Bitraser for File, from Stellar for securely erasing data, which makes it irrecoverable permanently. You can also use it for erasing folders, and traces and remnants of applications, and internet activities.

Let us check the user interface of the program and explore some of its features. BitRaser fir File has a simple interface, which is user friendly and efficient. There are two panes in the window, a toolbar and a ribbon on the top.

The toolbar has 4 options: Tasks, Settings, Help and Close. The clock icon is for managing scheduled tasks, which you can set to run automatically at a time and date of your choice. The settings section allows you to access the register the program, or for transferring the license to a different computer.

You can also use it for updating BitRaser to the latest version, or for checking for the version information of the program. The help section can be used for accessing the knowledge base articles, help topics, to contact support, while the close button exits the program. The arrow next to the X, can be used for enabling and disabling the other buttons in the toolbar, or any other buttons you want to place. You can also use it to minimize the ribbon.

BitRaser for File has two panes just below the ribbon. The left pane displays the selection options for a tab, while the pane on the right can be used for taking actions according to the selection made.

BitRaser’s Ribbon has three tabs: Home, Schedule and Tools.

The Home tab has options to disable/enable the status bar on the bottom, or the caption bar which displays scheduled tasks, and the activity log bar which displays the actions you made using the program.

The other options under the Settings section in the ribbon, are the same as the status bar’s settings. The Erase All Now button can be used for deleting content from a selected folder, but we will explain that a bit later. The Home tab has two tabs on the left side bar, a Grid view and a Tree View.

BitRaser for File Coupon Code

The Grid view can be used for the following actions:

  • Erase Now
  • Internet Activities
  • Application Traces
  • System Traces
  • Erase Unused Space
  • Search File

The Tree View has the same options, but has options to select files and content which you want to delete securely.

The Erase Now option can be used for erasing data, folders securely. You can use the right pane to select which drive, and partition, and folder should be selected for erasing. What it does is, it not only deletes the files, but also rewrites the clusters where the deleted files were stored, in a process called shredding. The Internet Activities section allows you to delete all of your browsing data, bookmarks, history, passwords, auto complete, etc, from your browsers. It includes options for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge. You can select a browser or unselect one as per your requirements.

The Application Traces section can be used for deleting traces of data from email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird, news applications, torrent clients, Microsoft Office Applications, Instant Messengers, and other applications like WinRAR, Nero, etc. You have complete control over the data which you want to delete from sections.The System Traces section can be used to delete the data from the recycle bin, memory dumps, Windows error report, Start Menu Programs and Favorites, Recently used files, Windows Event Logs, Temporary Files, Saved Search Folders, etc.

The Erase Unused Space option deletes the blank space on your hard drive to remove traces of files which were previously deleted.The Search File option in the side panel, can be used for finding a specific file and deleting all traces of it. This is useful in case you do not know where a file which you want to delete, is located.

The Schedule tab can be used to set the deletion frequency, which the program has to follow, as in once, or every day/week/month or even after every boot or the first boot of the day. You can also select a specific date when the schedule should run. You can set the erasure algorithm and verification method. The calendar icon can be used for opening a scheduled tasks pane in the scheduler pane. You can reset the schedule or save the selected settings using the Apply button in the same pane. The ribbon options for Schedule allow you to delete or activate or deactivate all tasks.

The Tools tab can be used for setting the default erasure algorithm and verification, or to set the folder path where the logs of the activity and certificates should be stored. If you want to set a password, you can do so from the advanced settings to prevent other users from accessing the application.

To sum up, BitRaser for File lives up to its name, and does its job, and the fact that it is user friendly is a huge advantage. You can try the free trial version of the program, before you buy the premium one.

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