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Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Coupon Code

Outlook is without a doubt the most popular email client for computers. Every office which uses email on a daily basis as the mode of communication, both internally (between employees, departmental) and for sending emails for orders, receipts to clients or other firms which you work with.

But in reality, no software is without flaws, and Outlook is no exception to this either. Sometimes, Outlook can stop working due to its database being corrupted or damaged. This problem exists in every version of Outlook right from 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. So there is a good chance you can lose all your emails, because of the bad database.

That is not something you want, but fortunately there is a simple solution which can help you in such a situation. Say hello to the application which can save your day, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair.

When you run the application for the first time, you will be asked to select the folder where your PST file is located. Outlook normally stores it in the My Documents folder. You can make the program find the database on its own, by selecting the “Find” button and selecting a folder where it should look for the file. Once you have loaded the database file, click on the “Repair” button to fix the corrupted PST. Let me ask you a question, how hard was that. See what I mean when Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is user friendly. But we are not done yet.

Once you have selected the database, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair will display a message that the scanning of the selected PST file has been completed. This will then allow you to open the full interface of the program.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Coupon Code

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair has a brilliant interface, and the design of the GUI represents that of the modern Microsoft Office applications, with the ribbon interface. There are 7 tabs in the ribbon: File, Home, View, Tools,Calendar, Registration and Help.

The File tab can be used for selecting an Outlook Mailbox, save a repaired one, or to exit the program. The Home tab also has similar options, but has some extras, as in, it can be used to search for a message in the database or to save a scan or load a saved scan. The View Tab can be used for switching the Reading Pane or to see the Log Report. This report contains details of all the folders, attachments, a description of the files and the status, i.e., whether it has been repaired or not.

You can save the log to a text file for future analysis. The Tools update can be used to access the update wizard. The Calendar tab can be used for switching the view to Day, Work Week (5 days), Week, and Month. You can also jump to a specific date using the GoTo option.

The Registration tab lets you view or transfer your license to a different computer. The Help tab can be used for contacting the support team, or to read the knowledge base, help topics, and also for viewing the program’s version information.

Do note that this program is intended for regular mail accounts, and not for exchange mail or IMAP accounts. That is because PST is used for POP3 formats exclusively.

Now, let’s check the main GUI of the program. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair has three panes in the interface. The pane on the left edge is the directory or folder pane, and allows you to jump to any folder i your email account’s server, i.e., Calendar, contacts, drafts, inbox, outbox, sent items, junk mails, etc. Selecting one of the options here, will load the corresponding folder’s contents on the pane in the middle. You can use this pane to sort the emails by the sender name, recipient name, date, subject, etc.

Clicking on a specific email in the middle pane, will open the mail in the right pane of the program. This is good as you can read the email, and see the attachments without having to open Outlook again. Once you have repaired the database, click on the save button and use it with MS Outlook.

Clicking on the caret in the top right corner of the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair window, will minimize the ribbon bar, and clicking on it again will restore the bar. You can use the style button next to the caret, to switch between the colorful and white theme.

There are a set of icons in the bottom of the left pane. The mail icon jumps to the Home tab, the calendar to its namesake tab. The people icon brings up the Contacts pane, while the notepad opens the tasks pane. Clicking on the three dot menu will allow you to open the Journal and Notes tabs. You can enable or disable any of these tabs using the navigation pane options.

You can use the deleted items folder option, to recover any emails which you may have deleted by mistake. You can save emails in many formats including: ML, MSG, RTF, HTML, and PDF. There are no file size limitations to the PST, so you can use it with even large databases.

It even works with password protected files and encrypted PSTs. The software works with all versions of Windows from XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. The scans completed pretty fast on our test computers, and we were impressed with the result.

You can try Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair for free before you buy the paid version. You can use the free version to preview the database, but you can’t save the repaired database. This way you will know how easy it is to use the program, and also how effective the scanning process is.

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