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 Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Coupon Code

Have you deleted some data on your computer, or phone, or hard drives to free up storage space, only to find out that you lost some important photos or videos or recorded audio from your vacation, party, etc?

These are moments which you cannot get back. So how will you relive them without the photos? If only there was some way to get the content back? That is what Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery can help you with.

Don’t let the name fool you. The software can be used for recovering photos, videos, and music which you have deleted, or which have been lost due to a hard drive which was corrupted or formatted. It supports over 100 file formats, and works with digital cameras, memory cards, external storage (portable hard drives), USB Flash drives. Let’s see how to use the software and check its features. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery has a simple GUI, which is user friendly. The main screen has three buttons.

Recover Photo, Audio & Video:

This will bring you to a new screen which is kind of opaque, which is cool. Here the program displays which drive is selected, its storage capacity, and whether it is a removable drive. Click on the view complete drive list option, and the software will list all of your partitions, hard drives and external storage devices connected to the PC.

You can select the three check boxes for Photo, Audio and Video, to only select for scanning for just one type of data, or all three types.

Click on the scan now button to start the scanning process. Wait for it to completer. In the meantime, you can see which sector if the storage is being read, the percentage of the progress, total number of files found, their file size, how much time has elapsed, estimated time remaining left for the process to finish. You can also see the scan type and the drive information. This option is what you need to select, if you want to recover deleted files from a hard drive or other storage options.

Once the scan is over, a box will appear telling you the same. Now you will see the recovery screen. This kind of resembles File Explorer’s interface. There are two panes on this screen. The left pane of this screen is the directory tree, and you can use it to browse the contents which you want to recover. It is not a folder based tree per se, as Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery arranges the contents by file type. So it will display RPS, OGG, MP3, WMA and other music files under Audio, JPG,PNG picture formats under Photos, AVI, ASF, F4V, WMV, MP4, MOV etc under Video, based on their file extension.

Select one or more file types from the side panel, and then move on to the to the right pane of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. The lower right pane displays the list of the files which can be recovered, along with their file name, type, size, the date when it was created and modified. You can click on any of these parameters to the sort the list accordingly.

Selecting a file on the lower pane, will display its preview on the upper pane. So, you will be able to see a preview of the photo within the interface of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. This includes a built in media player, which can play video and audio files, without the need for an external application to preview them. You can also see the total storage capacity of the drive, along with the total number of files and folders which were found.

The top right corner of the recovery screen houses 4 view options. The first of these is a grid view, which will disable the lower pane, to take up the entire space with thumbnail previews of all the images and videos. The second view is the default option. The third view is similar but changes the lower pane by disabling the details bar, and the list view to a horizontally scrollable one. The fourth view option is a 3D slideshow with the lower pane intact. Selecting a check box next to the file name in the list, will enable you to recover the file. To do so, click the recover button, and in a drive and folder of your choosing.

 Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Coupon Code

Let’s go back to the main menu of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. The Create Image option allows you to take a sector by sector image of a drive, which can be used for recovering data from, in the future, in case your drive develops bad sectors.

You can save the results of a recovery (from the recovery screen), so you can resume it instantly, when you want to, without starting the scanning process again. Just make sure you do not make any changes to the hard drive you are recovering the data from, and always save the recovered files to a different storage device. The Resume recovery option from the main screen, can be used to start a previously saved session.

You can access the program’s preferences to enable the preview of thumbnails instead of the icons in the list of detected files, enable previewing of corrupt photos in safe mode, and enable previews of photos during the scanning process too. All of these options have a slight impact on the performance (though we did not notice anything during the testing), so use them as per the availability of your system resources.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is easy to use, scans fast offers supports FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS file systems, so you can use it with any storage device you have. There is a free version of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery available, which you can try before you buy the program.

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