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Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Coupon Code

Ever tried to play a video, and your media player says it can’t play the file. Usually this happens because your video player does not support the file format, but sometimes other factors can also cause such a problem. Let’s say you have a faulty hard drive or memory card, or a corrupted one, or simply a video which was affected by improper shut down or a file transfer.

Before you hit that delete key, and lose the video forever. Give it a second chance with a special software which can fix the video. Meet Stellar Phoenix Video Repair.

The application is designed to work with Windows and macOS computers. You can use Stellar Phoenix Video Repair for fixing videos of the following formats on Windows: WMV, ASF, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP and F4V. On macOS the app can be used to repair MP4, MOV, M4V, M4A and F4V files.

How does this work? Stellar Phoenix Video Repair analyzes the source video which is corrupted, and rebuilds the header, frame, movement, duration and sound to repair the video, which you can they can then save to a hard drive. The program can work with videos stored on almost any storage device, including hard drives, and USB Storage devices, such as flash drives. For mobile devices, you can connect them to a computer and import the video to the application.

The start screen of the program has just one option, which is a large button which says “Repair Video”. Clicking on the button, will open the add video screen of the program. You can use the add button here to select a corrupt video, which you wish to fix.

When you click on the add button, a file explorer pop-up window will open, which you can use for browsing your hard drive for the location where the video is stored. Speaking of which you are not restricted to repairing a single video at a time. If you have more than one broken video, you can add multiple videos to Stellar Phoenix Video Repair’s queue for repairing them all in batches. You can use the + and – keys as shortcuts to add or delete the video files from the queue.

You can review the files which you added in the same screen, as the program displays the names of the videos, along with their file path, and the size. This is useful, because let’s say you added the wrong file, you can just use the remove button to delete it from the queue, instead of starting over.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Coupon Code

The next step here, is to click on the repair button, and wait for the magic to start. The time it takes for your video or all the videos, to be repaired, depends on the number of files which you have selected, and also the size of the videos. In the meantime, while you are waiting for the video to be repaired, you can view the progress bar on the bottom of the window.

When the video is repaired, the window will display the files in the same window. You will notice that the repair button has been replaced by a new button, called Save.

But you don’t have to save the repaired video file immediately. Do you want to see how the repaired video looks? You can do just that, and here is the best part. You do not have to open another program for previewing the video which the program has repaired. Clicking on the preview button, will open a media player which is built-in with the software, which allows you to preview the repaired video.

If you are satisfied with the video, click on the save button. You can choose the folder and drive where you want to save the video to. If however, you want to go back to the selection screen, you can click on the back arrow icon in the bottom left corner of the window. See how easy it is to repair a video with Stellar Phoenix Video Repair?

Another great use of Stellar Phoenix Video Repair, is that you can use the application to fix videos which have been corrupted on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPad devices. Without this software, you will not even be able to copy the videos to your system, let alone fix them.

Go back to the main screen of Stellar Phoenix Video Repair, and click on the Tools menu. This has three options: Register, Transfer License, and the Update Wizard. The register option allows you to enter the license information for the software, while the “Transfer License” option, just like with other Stellar products, lets you transfer the license from your current computer to another one. This can be useful if you are upgrading to a new computer, or migrating to a different one.

The Update Wizard has two uses. One, you can use it to check for new versions of Stellar Phoenix Video Repair. The second use, is unusual. Let’s say your video couldn’t be repaired by the program, you can use the File Upload option here, to send it to Stellar and they will help you with the repair, for no extra cost. That’s right it is a free repair service.

The Help menu can be used to view the help topics, and for emailing Stellar Support, and to view the support section at the product’s website. You can also submit an enquiry or view the knowledgebase articles from this menu. The hamburger menu on the main screen can also be used to access the registration information, and to view the details of the program’s version.

The program runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP & macOS Sierra 10.7 and above. The software is light on resources, with minimum impact on the memory, and since you won’t be running it in the background constantly, it is a good thing.

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