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Having trouble remembering passwords for all your email, social media, and banking accounts? Or do you risk your accounts by using passwords that are easy to remember, but also easy to break? Sticky Password Premium solves all these issues in an instant, where you get access to top-notch password management, automatic form-filling, and cross-platform syncing across all major desktop and mobile platforms. With advanced encryption techniques, biometric authentication, and cloud-backups, Sticky Password Premium ensures maximum security for all your passwords.

Saving and Filling Passwords

Sticky Password Premium allows you to save passwords from all major Web browsers and desktop applications. Upon installation, Sticky Password automatically adds the appropriate extensions to supported Web browsers so that you are prompted to save passwords and other user credentials whenever you log in through a Web portal. On the other hand, Sticky Password conveniently adds in a dedicated icon onto the title bar of applications that feature log-in screens — Skype, Outlook, iTunes, etc. — thus allowing you to send your login details directly to the Sticky Password database.

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The password-management utility also features the ability to automatically fill in your saved user credentials whenever you need to sign in through a Web portal or application. In instances where you have multiple logins details on the same screen, Sticky Password automatically displays all available passwords for that particular screen so that you can select the password appropriate for each situation.

Support for All Major Platforms

To avoid confusion, the Sticky Password Premium user interface looks roughly the same across all supported platforms — Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android. The application intelligently categorizes all passwords into sections labeled Email, Finance, Forums, Gaming, Shopping, etc., where you can edit passwords sent from Web browsers and applications, and add new entries directly from the password-management utility itself. In addition to managing your passwords, Sticky Password Premium allows you to import bookmarks for cross-platform syncing and create multiple identities — by inserting personal details — that you can use to auto-fill Web-based forms.

Sticky Password Premium supports all major Web browsers that run on Windows and OS X. Due to certain limitations on mobile platforms, however, the password management application only supports Firefox on Android, and Safari on iOS. You can, however, use the Internal Sticky Browser — Sticky Password’s own Web browser — as an alternative, which fully supports saving and auto-filling passwords. Further, only Windows and OS X versions of Sticky Password Premium has the ability to save passwords directly off the log-in screens of applications — you can, however, manually add, edit, and review app-based passwords on all supported platforms.

A Single Password for Everything

After installing Sticky Password Premium for the first time, you are prompted to set up a master password that you are required to use whenever you want to access your password database. Sticky Password Premium takes security seriously, where no one else but only you know the master password — even Sticky Password doesn’t store it on their servers. If you forget it, you’ll have no choice but to create a new password database. While this can cause major issues in the event that you do forget your password, Sticky Password’s commitment to security takes precedence over everything else.

Additional Security Features

Whether you choose to store your passwords locally or synchronize them with the Sticky Password servers, all data gets automatically encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. Dubbed the “The Hackers’ Nightmare: AES-256” by the Sticky Password developers, the algorithm’s strong military-grade encryption standards make it nearly impossible for hackers to steal information. Sticky Password Premium also provides an additional layer of security in the form of biometric user authentication, where you can use the touch-ID features on certain iOS and Android devices to access your password database.

Cross-platform Syncing and Cloud Backups

As one of the most convenient features available, Sticky Password Premium gives you the option to sync your passwords across devices and platforms so that you can have your passwords at hand wherever you go and whatever device that you choose to use. If you are uncomfortable about syncing your data online, you can instead sync passwords across devices locally via Wi-Fi networks. Sticky Password Premium also gives you the option to back up your password databases to the Sticky Password servers so that you don’t lose access to your passwords in the event of data corruption or system failure on your devices.

Should I Get It?

While certain Web browsers have their own password managers in place, Sticky Password Premium goes several steps further by securing your password database with strong encryption algorithms, and also featuring dedicated master passwords and biometric authentication features so that only you can access your passwords. Coupled with support for cross-platform syncing and cloud backups, and you can have your passwords at hand wherever you go. Sticky Password Premium’s ability to back up and auto-fill passwords on desktop applications in addition to Web browsers, and its compatibility with various operating systems and mobile platforms, make it one of the best password-management utilities currently available.