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Does having an antivirus installed on your PC make you feel safe from all kinds of malware attacks? No? You are right, having a next gen security software is a better idea. And we can recommend HitmanPro.Alert as a replacement for your antivirus.

The program has a very light memory footprint, which means you won’t experience any lags on your PC. HitmanPro.Alert protects your PC in real-time, using advanced malware detection techniques. Usually antivirus products have a virus database, which they use to cross reference with the signature of files, to detect malware.

Hitman goes a step ahead, by monitoring your PC for ransomware like behavior, and let’s say a program acts in such a way, it will be immediately stopped and quarantined.

This level of protection against unknown threats, includes securing your PC from ransomware too. Yes, that’s right, the same scary encryption malware are rendered ineffective. In fact, HitmanPro.Alert can replace the encrypted files with unencrypted copies from the backups.

HitmanPro.Alert also blocks vulnerabilities in other programs installed on your computer, to prevent malware from exploiting the loop holes. The application can also protect your system’s webcams, keyboards from attacks by hackers, keyloggers, etc. HitmanPro.Alert secures your keystrokes by encrypting them as you type, so no data can be logged.

The application also secures your web browsers with the help of technology which is certified by MRG Effitas So, you can make online transactions and bank online, without fear of your credentials being stolen. The application also blocks malicious apps from accessing your webcams.

Hitman also prevents PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications) such as spyware, adware, etc., which are usually bundled in the installer of other programs too.

HitmanPro.Alert has a unique malware removal technique, which unlike other antivirus software, does not delete the malware. Instead, Hitman removes all the traces of malware, leaving no remnants behind.

Can you believe it if we tell you HitmanPro.Alert only requires 5MB of storage space on your computer to install? It is an install and forget software, which means you don’t need to interact with the program, to take actions when a malware is detected.