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Survio Elite is an excellent way to handle customer satisfaction, research, and to get feedback from a large audience. This plan has every feature that the service has to offer, and there are really a truck load of options and customizations. 

Creating surveys is easy, thanks to the online interface which is easy to use. You can use the buttons to add questions, new pages, etc. Don’t worry about how the surveys will look on phones, because Survio ensures that all surveys have mobile friendly designs. 

Speaking of which, there are 70+ designs which you pick and preview, to check what your survey will look like, before you print it, or send it out to your customers or other people. You can lock your surveys based on the geographical location, by restricting specific IP addresses from answering the surveys. 

Survio Elite has over one thousand templates to choose from for building your surveys, and you can copy surveys or questions, pick different question types, mix the order, enable the survey progress bar, make questions mandatory, and use the Survey logic option for jumps and skips. 

You can customize the email content before you send out the survey invites with your logo, and monitor the invitation status in real-time. Once a survey is live, you can use the dashboard to view the statistics, results, You can use unlimited filters for surveys. Survio allows Elite plan users to track the survey using Google Analytics. 

When someone takes the survey, you will get a notification via email or Slack, depending on what setting you chose. 

Results from surveys are available in real-time in various styles including real-time graphs, charts, aggregated results, etc. You can share the survey results on a webpage, for your audience. Or, if it is an internal research or information survey, you can find the many export options to be very useful. Options to save the surveys include saving entire result summary reports as PDF files, or graphs in PNG or SVG images or in DOCX, XLSX, PPTX formats for Microsoft Office. And you can customize the PDF report summary. 

Individual responses to surveys can be saved in CSV, XML, Google Sheets, and also on to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.  

Survio Elite supports unlimited surveys and is the only premium plan which is capable of recording unlimited responses. Survio offers 24 x 7 customer support via email for all Elite users. Net Promoter Score Surveys are supported by the Elite Plan.]