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So, you work for a company or own one. How do you make your products or services better? By listening to your customers, of course. But, it may not be possible to reach out to each and every customer over the phone or contact them directly. The answer is surveys, and we recommend using Survio Personal for this. 

The advantage of using Survio Personal is that it has over built-in professional templates, so you don’t have to wonder or search for information on what a survey question looks like. You can create a survey in just a matter of minutes. 

Creating a survey is easy and you have a ton of customization options, including cloning surveys, or specific questions easily, mark certain questions as required, randomize the order of the questions, etc. You can allow social sharing of the survey, if you want more response, and even use Survey QR codes for the same. 

The web-based interface is easy to use and has over 70 modern designs with pre-built surveys to choose from, and you can even include multimedia such as videos and images to make your surveys creative and more engaging. 

All surveys made with the service are mobile-ready, which is great because when the user receives the email on their smartphone, they can answer the survey from their device. 

Surveys aren’t just about questions, the responses to it are what’s important. And Survio supports notifying you over email or slack when a response has been recorded.  

You can set passwords to surveys or block survey access using IP address restrictions to make it exclusive to a specific demographic. The survey dashboard is really useful and rich with features for viewing the statistics, collecting aggregated results, real-time graphs and charts, etc. Survio allows you to view and analyze responses individually. 

The result graphs can be exported as PNG or SVG image formats or to Google Sheets. Reports can be saved as PDF documents. Individual responses can be exported to XLS or CSV document formats. 

How many questions are you allowed per survey? Unlimited, really there is no catch here. While none of the company’s plans have any limitations to the total number of surveys that you can create either, Survio Personal only allows up to 1000 responses per survey. So, we think it is best suited for smaller companies who cater to a limited number of clients or customers/users. 

Apart from using surveys to learn about customer satisfaction, you can also use surveys for conducting market research, employee feedback, etc.