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SWF to GIF Coupon Code

Do you have Adobe Flash videos which you have created or downloaded, on your PC? Well, you may know that Flash is not very secure. Adobe itself has admitted that Flash is highly vulnerable to security attacks, and the company plans to end support for the same in2020. 

But, other companies have already moved on, and in fact so has the majority of the internet. Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, etc., have all adopted a much more modern format for their content, using HTML5, and other options like WebGL and WebAssembly. 

A couple of years ago, YouTube ditched Flash for HTML5, and it was soon followed by other major websites, and web content dropping Flash for other open standards. Flash continues to exist in major browsers, but the plugins will be gone by 2020. 

Here is the problem, you won’t be able to share your Flash based videos online. Actually, the problem kind of exists already. Most people use mobile devices for communicating and sharing content. And these devices don’t often support the SWF Flash format. 

The better option here, is to convert the SWF videos to a more commonly used format, a very popular one, which is easily shareable on almost every instant messaging app or social networks or other web services. And how do you do that?  SWF to GIF, from Watermark Software is an excellent choice for this. Allow us to tell you more about the software. SWF to GIF is very easy to use, thanks to its simple interface. 

The interface of SWF to GIF, has a large pane on the left edge. This is the video preview window, where you will be able to watch the SWF videos which you import to the video. To add the videos to the program, you can use the “Open” button on the bar just above the video pane. 

This will allow you to browse your computer, for the folder where the SWF files are located and select the video which you wish to import for conversion. 

Once you add a video, you will see the media in the preview pane. You can control the playback, using the control bar, which is just below the player. This includes option to play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast-forward the video. You can even capture a screenshot of the current frame, using the shortcut button on the playback control bar. 

There is a bar to the right of the playback control bar, which has two markers. You can use the markers to select the start frame and the end frame, for your GIF. This is useful, as animated GIFs are often very short-looped videos.  And since the number of frames which are played in the video are limited, you will find that the control which you have over the frames, is truly invaluable. Basically, this is a video cutter or trimmer which lets you convert a portion of a long video, in to a short one. 

On the top right-corner of the SWF to GIF interface, you cn see the video’s information, such as the video’s resolution size, the aspect ratio, the total frames in the video, and the frames in the work area. 

Just below the SWF Information pane, there is the resize pane, which allows you to configure the output size of the video. This is of course the video’s resolution, and can be the original size or a user defined size (width and height), and you can also enable the constrain proportion option. You can choose between three interpolation options: Sharpen, Smooth or Sawtooth for the conversion process. 

The Frame Rate Setting allows you to either use automatic detection to select the frames, or to manually assign the total number of frames, which the converted GIF will consist of. You can keep the same frame rate of the SWF, for the GIF, to ensure the result is not a slow-motion video.

SWF to GIF Coupon Code

The Effects tab, can be used to select a special effect for your GIF. There are a total of 11 effects to choose from: Black and White, GrayScale, Emboss, Invert, Blur, Sharpen, Noise, Brighten, Red, Green, and Blue. To add one of these effects, simply click on the effect’s name, and it will be added instantly. To remove an effect, click on the “None” option, and you can choose another effect. 

When you have configured all the settings for converting the SWF to GIF, all you have to do is just click on the “Run” button, to go convert the flash video to an animated GIF.  This opens the RUN window, which has a few options. You can use it to select where the converted GIF will be saved, or use the default option which saves the GIF in the same location as the original image. 

You can use the program to convert SWF videos in to other popular image formats such as: JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TGA, ICO, etc. You can also use the Run window, to set the time delay in terms of seconds, enable the cycle option for your GIF. The program allows you to select the quality of the GIF, on a scale of general, good or best.  

Click on the Run button to start the conversion process. It takes but a few seconds, for your GIF to be created. Can you believe how easy it is to create a GIF from a flash video? This stands as proof, that you don’t need to be an expert in computers, or editing videos or photos. You can share the converted picture to your friends and they can view the GIFs or one of the other image formats on their iOS, Android, PC, or other devices. 

Download the free trial version of SWF To GIF to test the program’s features, before you decide to buy the full version. 

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