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How many electronic devices do you own? Most of us have a bunch of phones, some desktops or Macs, Macbooks or laptops in our household. The same can be said about devices in our offices.

How many of those devices share the same content? i.e., do you have the accounts on these devices and use them for reading or editing documents, viewing photos, watching videos, or listening to your music library?

We all like to have such data up to date, in that changes which you make to your files on one device, should also be reflected on other devices. How do you accomplish this task? It’s quite simple, you transfer the newer copy of the file from the one it is on, to the device you want it on.

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Now, how does this transfer take place? There are lots of ways to do this.

I had a conversation with my friend recently, about syncing content across devices. Though I myself prefer USB cables (for their speed) to connect my phone to my computer and transfer files, it really does become a very cumbersome task, if you have multiple devices.

For example, if I have several files which I need to transfer from one of my phones to another phone, I have to copy it from the first device to a hard disk, and then transfer it to the other. Unplugging, replugging devices, waiting for the files to be copied etc, is very annoying.

Then there are issues with cables too. Sometimes they just stop working, and you have to buy a new one. And then there is a software level problem which Windows computers suffer from, aka driver issues. Fortunately Apple’s Mac OS X comes with built-in support for almost any device, so Mac machines don’t have such problems.

But there is one downside with Mac machines, and also Windows PCs. They do not have built-in applications to sync content across devices. So, the only alternative option that users have, is to use third party software for syncing content.

The problem with most such software, is that they are either free and feature limited, or ad-supported, which is a really bad experience for the user. Not to mention, that such apps are not updated often, or have complicated interfaces.

What if there was a software which lets you sync content from your Mac across any device, had a good UI, and is easy to use? Does any such app exist? Why, yes of course.

Meet Syncmate for Mac. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

First lets see what the UI of the app looks like. The interface is very well designed, and uses a combination of a dark colored UI and a light colored UI. This makes it look unique and stylish, and also adds a bit of flavor to the user-friendliness of Syncmate.

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The sidebar on the left has a dark theme, and displays the list of devices which you have connected using Syncmate. This also includes the currently connected device, and devices which were connected but are not plugged in, i.e., offline devices.

The light colored UI is the right pane of the app, and it is the main area where you will select various settings.

Plug in your device to your Mac and it should be recognized by the app. Select a device from the sidebar and you will see a list of options on the right pane. You can select which content you want to sync to the selected device here, and hit the sync button in the bottom right hand corner. And et voilà!, your content is synced with the device.

How simple and efficient is that? Now, let’s see what content you can actually synchronize using Syncmate.

You can use Syncmate for a variety of purposes. It can sync your Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, Safari bookmarks, iTunes media, Photos from your Mac, and sync folders. Want to read, manage or send text SMS messages from your Mac? Syncmate lets you do that regardless of whether it is an iPhone or Android device. Similarly you can use the app to view your call history as well.

The best part is that you can set up SyncMate to sync your devices automatically, in the background, without having the need to manually doing the work. Also, it can be used for converting media files to formats supported on other devices.

But that is not what it is limited to. Yes it can do more. Want to connect your cloud storage accounts and other online services? You can use Syncmate to sync your data from your Outlook, Office 365, iCloud storage (photos and videos), Google and Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

You can also use Syncmate for backing up your data from your devices too. So, you don’t lose your data even if it is erased from one device. This can be useful if you are setting up a new phone too.

SyncMate can be used on unlimited devices. The list of supported devices includes iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, and even other Mac devices (you can sync content from one Mac to another). As a bonus, Syncmate also lets you sync data to and from USB devices. What about cameras and MTP devices? Yes, SyncMate can sync your content from those as well.

There is a free limited version of Syncmate which lets you sync Contacts, Calendars, offers background sync and also lets you read your SMS messages on your Mac. So you can try it for free and then upgrade to the premium version.

Syncmate runs on devices with Mac OS X 10.8.5 and above. The fact that it eliminates the need for having multiple apps to sync with each device/OS platform/service makes Syncmate a literally invaluable app for every Mac user.

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