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Advanced Driver Updater Coupon Code

If you are running in to frequent application crashes, or BSODs, or experiencing a generally sluggish performance on your computer, the first thing you need to check is if you have the latest drivers for your PC’s components.

Everything from your USB ports, keyboard, mouse, sound card, graphics card, monitor, wireless network adapter, etc, needs its correct driver, to function. The driver is like a bridge, which connects the hardware to Windows, and communicates between the two.

So, if a driver is corrupted or missing, the device associated with it will not work correctly, or at all. This in turn is what creates the issues you may be experiencing with the computer. Sound may be choppy, the boot time could be very slow, games may not run, or may lag badly.

Windows Updates does a decent job of providing generic drivers for your devices. But it is not reliable, as the optimal drivers are often not available through this. The best way to get driver updates, is from the manufacturer’s website. And this is incredibly time consuming. How will you check for drivers individually, and how often will you do this?

A more efficient solution is to use a software designed for automating this process. We are talking about using Advanced Driver Updater of course. Let us tell you why it is awesome. The interface of the application is simple, and very user friendly. There are 6 tabs on the GUI: Status, Driver Scan, Backup, Restore, Settings, and Register Now.


This is the main screen of Advanced Driver Updater, and is represented by a home icon. Here you can see when the last scan was run and the status of your drivers. It ranks drivers from old to ancient, which is kind of hilarious. This of course depends on the date the drivers were signed, and actually signifies the fact that you need to update to your drivers as soon as possible. Because modern operating systems may not run well with an old driver.

There is a “Start scan now” button available here, which can be used to make Advanced Driver Updater run a check for new driver versions. See how easy it is to check for driver updates, all in a single click of the mouse. No more visiting manufacturer’s websites manually to check for updates. The lower half of the Status screen displays other products from Systweak, which you can download, but this is completely optional.

Driver Scan:

This tab shows you when the last scan was run, and has a view last scan results option. Clicking this opens a page in the program, which can be used to see which drivers were detected as old and have a newer version ready to download. The screenshot you see here, was taken in a brand new Windows 7 installation. It is a classic example where no updates available in Windows Update.

The program displays the name of the drivers, the current version’s installation date and when it was available originally. You can click the update all button, to update all of the outdated drivers at once, and Advanced Driver Updater will download install the drivers for you.

If you want to, you can click on the learn more option to see detailed information about the driver such as the current version number, the new version number with its date, and the publisher’s name, i.e., the OEM’s name. You can ignore a version of the driver, in case it is known to be a buggy release from the manufacturer. There is an update driver option next to each listing here, which you can use to install every driver manually.


This tab in Advanced Driver Updater can be used for taking a backup of the drivers which you have installed on the computer. You have two options to do so, either take a backup of all the system drivers, or to select a specific set of drivers and only back those up. Click the next button and the program will back up the drivers and display a summary of the task with how many drivers were selected, and how many were backed up.


This is directly related to the backup option. You can use the restore tab to revert to a previous backup which you have taken. You can set the program to prompt you for a reboot, or set it to reboot automatically if required. This will run when the restoration process is done. If you want to delete a specific backup from Advanced Driver Updater, you can do so from the Restore tab.

Advanced Driver Updater Coupon Code


This panel has 4 tabs in it. The first tab lets you select in which folders the downloaded drivers should be saved on your hard drive, and also select where the driver backups will be saved. If you want to exclude a specific driver from being marked as out-of-date during scans, you can do so from the Exclusion List tab.

The Schedule tab can be used to configure when the automatic scan should run. You can set it to run once, or every day, week and select the time and date when the task should run. You can also select specific days of the week when the automatic scan should run. This is very useful, because even if you forget to run a scan, the program won’t, and will notify you when a new driver is available for download.

You can download the program and run a scan for free, and see how many outdated drivers it detects, before buying the paid version. The paid version also entitles you to get support from Systweak, which includes their Live Chat support. We found the program safe to use, and equally easy to use, which is exactly what we expect from any application.

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