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Advanced System Optimizer Coupon Code

Is your PC slowing to a crawl? Are applications taking too long to open? Does your PC freeze up often?

Your Windows installation could have errors in the registry, or errors on the hard driver. Before you decide to format Windows and lose all your data to fix these issues, there is something you can try, such as a system tweaking application, like Advanced System Optimizer.

Advanced System Optimizer has a nice interface, which is simplistic, and user friendly. The GUI has a sidebar on the left edge, and a pane on the right which displays the options for the corresponding section selected on the side panel.

There are a total of 9 tabs in the sidebar.


This is the main screen in Advanced System Optimizer, and allows you to see the status of the Security, Cleaning and Optimization options. You can also see when the last scan was run, on this screen.

This is sort of a one-click optimizer tool. You can use it to run all of the important tasks at once. You have three scan types to choose from: Quick Scan, Deep Scan and Custom Scan. To run a scan, click on the “Start Smart PC Care” button on the bottom of the program’s window.

The Smart PC Care Screen displays a summary of the ongoing scan, and when it is completed, you can review the results to select which optimization and cleaning tasks should be done.

Advanced System Optimizer Coupon Code

This includes the disk performance and space optimizer which cleans junk files and folders, and defragments the hard drive. The Security optimizations can be used to scan for and fix issues related to spyware and malware, and also delete your internet traces and private information. Advanced System

Optimizer can also scan your PC for system drivers, and fix issues related to missing or outdated drivers. The Registry cleaning tool in Advanced System Optimizer, can be used for fixing issues in the Windows Registry and also fragment the registry to make your PC perform faster.

Smart PC Care:

The Smart PC Care tab lists all of the scan options to make your PC run faster. You can uncheck any option you wish to skip, including cleaning junk data, defragging the hard drive, spyware removal, deleting privacy traces, etc like we mentioned above.

Advanced System Optimizer can be set to do all this on its own, using the Automatic PC Care option, which runs the tasks at a scheduled time and date which you choose.

Registry Optimizers:

This tab houses the registry cleaner and regisrtry optimizer defragmentation tools. Selecting either of the two options allows you to run the individual tools and fix issues related to the ActiveX and COM, Application paths, File Typpes, History Lists, Shortcuts, etc.

Disk Cleaner & Optimizers:

You can find 4 tools here in this tab. You can use the System Cleaner to delete unwanted files from the PC and recover storage space. The Disk Optimizer helps you speed up the computer by defragmenting your hard drive to make programs load faster. Disk Tools allows you to check the hard drive for errors and fixes them. The Disk Explorer allows you to check which files and folders are using a lot of disk space, and helps you delete large files and free up disk space.

Windows Optimizers:

This tab in Advanced System Optimizer has 3 tools. The Game optimizer allows you to play games without being disturbed by notifications, improve game performance by allocating more RAM, and allows you to remap keys for any games.

The Memory Optimizer tools lets you free up allocated memory which remains unused by applications, so they can be used by other programs which need them. The Driver Updater can automatically download and install updates for outdated drivers. You can also use the tool to manually check for updates.

Security and Privacy:

The System Protector protects the computer from malware, trojans, and spyware infections in real-time, while the Privacy Protector can be used for deleting your internet browsing history, passwords, and other sensitive information to help secure your privacy.

The Secure Delete utility can be used to delete files and folders securely by shredding them, so they cannot be recovered by any means. It can also wipe the free space on your hard drive to ensure that the files which were previously deleted can’t be found, which is especially useful if you are selling or disposing your hard drive.

The Secure Encryption utility can be used to secure your files with a password. Data which has been encrypted cannot be recovered by any means unless you have the decryption key, aka the password.

Backup & Recovery:

The Undelete tool allows you to recover accidentally deleted files. This is so powerful, that it can recover data from partitions which were deleted too. You can backup your important files and folders, using the Backup Manager. It can also restore your backups, manage backups, and use the backup scheduler to run tasks automatically.

Common Problems Fixer:

The PC Fixer tool can search and fix issues in Windows, while the System and Security Advisor can boost your PC by optimizing the system settings for the best performance. If you have multiple copies of the same documents or files, you could run out of space quickly. But finding these duplicates can be a pain. Fortunately the Duplicate Files Remover can scan for and delete the unwanted files.

Regular Maintenance:

You can use the driver updater to get the latest version of drivers for your PC’s hardware. The Startup Manager allows you to monitor and disable programs from the system startup, to make sure your computer boots up quickly.

The Uninstall Manager can be used to uninstall programs completely leaving no remnant data behind. The Scheduler here, can be used to run any of the scans in Advanced System Optimizer at any date and time which you have selected.

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