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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Coupon Code

Do you find yourself running out of storage space on your hard drive? This is a common issue. As we browse the internet, download files, play games, stream videos and music, and use applications on the PC, it begins to accumulate a lot of data.

Before you delete all your movies, and music, you must be aware that we all tend to forget something. Often, we download or copy multiple copies of the same files, which eats up a lot of space. This is especially the case, when it comes to photos. And to add to this issue, we may have renamed the picture and stored in on a different folder. Of course, if you have hundreds or thousands of photos, and duplicate copies of those, well, it would easily take hours of your precious time and manual effort.

As you can see, it is not easy to find the photos, or the duplicate copies of the photos, and delete them. This is no longer a problem, if you use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, from Systweak.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro has a very good interface, which employs a dark theme for its background. There is a sidepanel on the right edge of the GUI, while the rest of the interface is taken up by two panes. You can use the top of the pane to drag and drop photos from Windows File Explorer, on to the interface of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, for scanning.

Alternatively, you can use the add photos button on the bottom left corner of the applications’ window, to manually browse through folders to locate the photos. Next, you need to select where the scan should be run, and for this use the Add Folder button. Say you have a folder in D:\Downloads, you can add it to the program and it will be scanned for duplicate pictures. We recommend selecting multiple photos and folders at a time, so the scan can be done more efficiently.

The photos which you add will be displayed as a list, with their folder paths on the interface. You can un-select or delete a photo from the list before running the scan. After you have added the photos to be scanned for, hit the Scan for Duplicates button on the bottom of the interface.

If you wish to customize the comparison method, you can use the sidebar on the right. Here you have two comparison methods: Exact Match and Similar Match.

The Exact Match option is the simpler of the two, and scans for the exact image in the photo which you have selected. The Similar Match uses advanced parameters which you can select including the Matching Level, Bitmap Size, Time Interval and GPS.

The scan result window displays the duplicates it found and displays the thumbnails of the original and the copies it found. You can use it to compare which one to keep. There are a lot of information on this window. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro displays the name of each photo, the file size, the date when the pictures were created, etc.

The right sidebar in the results window shows a preview of a selected photo, and the metadata. This includes the file name, size, label, date of creation, modified date, the name of the folder it is in, ratings and keywords (if any), the size (dimensions in pixels such as 1366 x 768), the DPI, Bit Depth. It also includes details of the tags such as the settings used when the photo was clicked like the Orientation, Digital Zoom Ratio, Capture Data, Editing Software, Exposure, Focal Length, ISO, Camera Model, GPS Altitude, Longitude, and Latitude.

You can compare images to retain the highest quality photo, or if you prefer one which uses fewer storage space, and delete the rest. You can change the view from the thumbnails, to list view to just see the name of the photo, file name, location, size, etc, just like Windows File Explorer does.

Each set of duplicate photos is displayed as a group, for easy comparison. Don’t worry about losing all the photos of the same type, because the program does not mark all found photos for deletion. You can use the “auto mark or un-mark all” options to help you select or un-select pictures for deletion. There is a selection assistant, available in Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro which has some advanced options.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Coupon Code

You can use it to adjust the selection priority to mark photos which have a smaller resolution, file size, earlier/newest date, dimensions, photos which have no metadata, or even folders. The File Formats tab lets you select which image formats should be marked, while the folder and protected folders tabs allow you to include or exclude folders from the results.

You can use the program’s settings to configure how the alerts will be displayed while performing actions, excluding the folders, etc. The Scan Criteria options can be used to exclude the image file formats which have to be excluded from the scan.

The application has a very small footprint, so you can use it while multi-tasking, without worrying about resource usage. When you click on the delete marked option, the program displays a summary of the total duplicate photos which it found, and the total storage space which can be recovered by deleting the extra copies.

Just imagine how much time you can save by using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, instead of manually searching each folder for duplicate photos. This alone makes the program well worth it. And we were impressed how the program was able to find the duplicate files even when we renamed the images, it shows how smart the search algorithm is. Add to that the user friendliness, and we can recommend Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for any user.

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