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Are the software on your PC giving you errors? Is your computer slow to start? Do you experience lags when running a program or generally when using the PC?

There could be invalid entries in the Windows Registry, or errors in some entries, which is what is causing these issues. Sometimes, when you uninstall a program the uninstaller does not always delete the software’s folders, leaving behind remnant files and entries. This could even impact the license of the software leaving you unable to use a software which you paid for.

To fix such problems, you should consider using a registry cleaner software. RegClean Pro from Systweak is one such program you can rely on. RegClean Pro has a user friendly interface, with a simple and modern design. There are 6 tabs in the GUI: Status, Scan Registry, Defrag Registry, Backup Registry, Settings, and Register Now.


This is the main screen of the program and shows you when a scan was last run, and a visual indicator which tells you the improvement potential. This tells you how much faster your computer can run when the errors are fixed. You can begin scanning for errors by using the Start Registry Scan button.

Scan Registry:

This is the tab which you will see when you run a scan in RegClean Pro. A scan will identify 4 types of issues: System related issues, Com and ActiveX, User related, and Startup & Uninstall issues. You can also select a specific category to scan for issues in it.

Clicking on one of the four categories here, allows you to you select which of the following sub-sections will be scanned by the program:

  • System related issues: Application Paths, Fonts, Help Files, Shared Files, Deep Scan.
  • User related issues: History lists, Shortcuts, Sounds, Current User.
  • Com and Active X issues: Active X and COM, File Types.
  • Startup and Uninstall issues: Start Menu, Startup Programs and Add Remove Programs.

Each of the above mentioned sections can be unchecked, if you wish to disable any of them from being scanned.

RegClean Pro highlights the problems it detects in three tiers: high priority issues, medium priority and low priority, depending the impact the issues have on your computer’s performance.

You can see the result of the last scan, in the same tab. This lists the number of issues which were found, and also an option to view the issues.

There is a View Issues option in this screen, which lets you go through the list of detected issues, and you can unselect any which you wish to skip. The list displays every detail about the problem which was found including the registry key name, location, and what the actual issue was with it. You can save the list of detected issues as a log to a text file, for analyzing it.

Click on the fix issues button to resolve all issues which were selected.

Defrag Registry:

Windows fragments your hard drive by storing files in sectors on your hard drive. When you delect a specific file, it may be deleted from view, but remnants of it could still remain on the sector. As a result, the hard drive stores new files elsewhere, which causes it to perform slowly.

Similarly, the Windows Registry also gets cluttered with entries and becomes larger. You should defragment it from time to time, to ensure the PC is smooth as butter. The Defrag registry tab in RegClean Pro does that, by optimizing and defragmenting the registry. Click on the Optimize Registry Now button to begin the process. You can see when the last defrag was done in the same screen.

Backup Registry:

It is never a good idea to delete items from the Windows Registry willy nilly, as you could end up with a PC which can crash permanently, or run in to other serious issues. Usually the only way to recover from such a state is either to use System Restore (which fails in most cases) or to perform a clean installation of Windows. This is a time-consuming process, not to mention the data loss which you could incur because of formatting the drive.

RegClean Pro Coupon Code

This is why you need to backup the registry before making any changes to it. But the good news is, RegClean Pro can take a complete backup of your Windows Registry, so if you run into any issues you can restore a previously taken backup and continue as if nothing happened.

After the registry backup has been completed, it will be listed on the same screen. You can use the restore button to revert to the selected backup, or delete an old backup from the program.


The Scan areas tab here is the same as that on the bottom of the scan screen. You can change the language used for the application’s GUI elements, how the close button works, and whether to run a registry scan when Windows Starts from this screen. The exclusion list allows you to whitelist registry entries from the scanner, so they are not detected as issues by RegClean Pro. You can enable options to skip issues due to removable media and empty registry entries from being detected, so they are not listed as problems.

The Schedule tab under the settings, allows you to set a time, date, or a specific day of the week, when RegClean Pro should automatically run a scan. You can set the scan to run once or to repeat itself once every day or week.

RegClean Pro works on all version of Windows from XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. The application is easy to use, and is safe too, thanks to the registry backup option.

You can take partial backups or full backups of the registry, and the ones you selected is listed under the Backup Registry tab.

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