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Right Backup Coupon Code

So, you are looking for a cloud storage to backup your files. You have come to the right place, because we have the right backup solution for you. Pun intended of course, because that is the name of the service, Right Backup.

Now, you probably have a question on your mind. There are a lot of cloud storage services out there, especially those which offer a lot of storage space for free. Why should I choose Right Backup? Well, it is true, except for one main point. Right Backup from Systweak, offers you unlimited storage space, something which no other major cloud storage service offers. How cool is that?

Another important thing to consider when choosing a cloud backup service, is support for multiple platforms. For example, I have a Windows desktop, a Macbook, an Android phone, and an iPad. So I need an app for each of those operating systems. Right Backup is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, so you can download the app for any of the four platforms and access your data from the cloud storage. And of course if you want to, you can also use the web version, and sign in to your Right Backup account from basically any browser.

The interface of Right Backup, is simple and easy to use. There are 4 tabs in the GUI: Status, Backup, Restore, and Settings.You can sign up for Right Backup when the application is installed and run for the first time, and verify the account using the email which lands in your inbox.

The Status tab displays the overview of the backup, such as when the last backup was done, when the next backup is scheduled, the number of files backed up, and the total no. of devices linked to your Right Backup account. Clicking on the last option displays a list of the devices, and when the backup was done from that device. You can click on the Start Backup Now or Customize Backup option to go to the next screen.

The Start Backup screen is actually the first screen displayed when you sign in to the application, and has a list of categories which you want to backup the data from.

You can select the following categories from this screen: Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Financial Files, eBooks and Other Files. Basically you can backup any file from your computer to the cloud. These categories are part of the Smart Backup mode, and search the files on their own, so you don’t have to select anything manually. But, if you want to, you can unselect any option which you don’t want to save on the cloud.

Let’s say you want to select your own list of files which you wish to upload to the cloud, you can choose the Custom Backup option. This option lets you browse any folder on your computer’s hard drive and select the data manually. While the backup process is running, you can see the status and time elapsed. After the backup task you will see a summary of the same. You can save this report to a log, in the form of a text file, In addition to this you can also see how much of space is used on your account on this screen.

Moving on to the Restore box, here you will see your backed up data. This screen has 3 types of restore modes. Smart restore, Custom Restore, and Search File.

The Smart Restore is similar to Smart Backup, and allows you to select categories of your files to restore from. You can select specific file categories to restore. You can use the source selection option to switch the device which was used to upload the data, or move to the custom restore tab.

This screen has a list of backups categorized based on the device from which the data was backed up from. It includes a file explorer style interface, with two panes. You can use the left pane for browsing the folders, and selecting only the data which you want to restore selectively. The right pane displays the files in the folder which you select. You can select or unselect as many files as you want from this pane. If you have no idea which folder contains the files, use the Search File tab. Here you can enter the name of the file, and select a date range to search in.

Once you have selected which files should be restored, select the restore now option to download the files from. If you wish to restore the data to a specific folder, choose the restore to option to customize where the files will be saved.

Right Backup Coupon Code

The Settings screen in the Right Backup application can be used to configure the program. You can select to disable the application from running during system startup, use low internet bandwidth, warn you when backups have not been done for a specific number of days.

Laptop users can use the backup only when plugged in setting, and also set the backup to stop when the battery falls below 70% or lower.

You can choose whether restore now should replace existing files, or restore files with a new name, and to view backup and restore logs. If you wish to skip some files from being uploaded to the cloud, you can do so from the Exclude Files tab. The Schedule tab lets you set an auto pilot schedule or a custom schedule using which backup tasks will run at a time, day and date of your choosing.

Both the backup and restore speeds were top notch, as is the ease with which you can use Right Backup. The fact that you get unlimited storage space and apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac is what makes it a great choice.

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