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Newer Windows iterations do a great job at adding all required device drivers upon initial installation, but the added convenience does come with a cost since newer driver updates would most likely be forgotten by the operating system, resulting in various conflicting issues with hardware and software services. DriverScanner 2016, Microsoft Gold-certified developer Uniblue’s solution to driver-updating, addresses this very issue. With the uncanny ability to automatically detect all outdated device drivers, you can be assured of having the latest drivers backing up your hardware devices at all times. DriverScanner 2016 doesn’t just stop at detecting outdated drivers; it also provides download links from reputable sources and prevents you from wasting time searching for the correct downloads.

Intuitive User Interface

Thanks to the super-intuitive user interface featured in DriverScanner 2016, updating your device doesn’t get any simpler. The first time that you open the application, you are taken into the Overview screen, where you can instantly start reviewing any important notifications — the last time your system was scanned, any outdated devices that require your attention, database version of DriverScanner 2016, etc.

In addition to the Overview screen, you can use two tabs labeled Scan and Manage to check out the other features present in the application. The Scan tab lets you access the system scanning options that you can use to scan and apply new device driver updates, while the Manage tab gives you the option to access some of the more advanced settings — Scheduler, Restore, Download Settings, and Proxy Settings.

Scanning for Drivers

By using a database of all hardware devices and driver versions that were ever released, DriverScanner 2016 makes scanning for the latest hardware device drivers a breeze. The application features the ability to actively cross-reference detected drivers against its database — which it automatically updates on a regular basis — so that it can present a clear idea on how old your driver currently is on a scale from Old, Very Old, to Ancient.

Since various devices have very unclear names regarding their functionality, DriverScanner 2016 intuitively uses relevant icons to demonstrate the functionality of the devices.

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Applying Drivers

In addition to making it terribly easy to scan for outdated device drivers, it even makes it doubly so when updating them. While you can choose to manually download and install a driver, it can take up too much time and may also potentially cause security risks to your PC. With DriverScanner 2016, however, you are automatically given links to reputable sources — manufacturer websites or popular tech blogs, for example — so that you don’t have to worry about downloading malware instead.

Downloaded updates can be applied directly from the application itself, or you can choose to do it yourself — the former, however, is recommended, since the application automatically backs up your current driver so that you have a backup in case something goes wrong. Before downloading a driver, you can choose to view additional information regarding the file such as release date, file size, vendor, etc., so that you can determine whether to apply the update or just ignore it — which you can choose to do.

Driver Scheduler

Rather than scanning for updates yourself, you can choose to let DriverScanner 2016 run automatically in the background due to the inclusion of an exciting feature called the Scheduler. Simply put, you can instruct the Scheduler to perform scanning sessions, where you can then decide whether to either download and install the updates automatically or prompt you for action — the former option’s recommended since you can pretty much install the application, create a job in the Scheduler, and not have to worry about outdated drivers ever again.

Driver Restoration

While driver updates are a great way to keep a computer running in top shape all the time, they can actually be harmful in rare cases — corrupt files or incompatibility issues with older software versions, for example. Like any serious driver updater, DriverScanner 2016 has built-in functionality that allows for automatic backups so that you are secured in case something goes wrong. Even if you want to roll back to an earlier driver, you can just instruct DriverScanner 2016 and the application does the rest of the job for you automatically.

Download Settings

If you ever want to have your downloaded driver setup files for use later, you can instruct DriverScanner 2016 to download them to any location of your choice — a different partition on your hard drive, an external storage device, or to any cloud-based storage service. This allows you to use your driver installation setups even after reinstalling Windows, thereby saving tons of bandwidth that could otherwise be used for other purposes.

Should I Buy It?

Thanks to DriverScanner 2016, you no longer have to worry about computer slowdowns or incompatibility issues related to outdated device drivers. With the ability to provide you with access to the latest drivers from some of the world’s most reputable download sources, DriverScanner 2016 makes it a breeze to keep your computer up to date at all times. All of that, combined with a built-in task scheduler that lets you perform automatic updates in the background, and you won’t have to worry about outdated drivers ever again.