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If you thought that Macs were devoid of file management and storage issues, then you may have to start thinking again. While it’s certainly a step up from the disastrous storage device management scheme implemented on Windows operating systems, the Mac OS X does have its fair share of issues, be it junk file accumulation, duplicate file creation, corrupt uninstallable applications, etc. Bring in Machanic 2016 to the picture, and you can take care of any such issues in a heartbeat. Thanks to a plethora of features such as the Junk Cleaner, Duplicates Files Cleaner, Space Manager, and App Uninstaller, Machanic 2016 should let you remove unwanted clutter and gain more space on your storage devices in no time.


Super-Intuitive User Interface

While Uniblue (developers of Machanic 2016) is more Windows that OS X-based when it comes to app development, Machanic 2016 melds right in to with OS X El Capitan or Sierra, thanks to a simplistic and beautiful user interface. The application’s Home screen puts out everything that it has on offer right in your face — Junk Cleaner, Space Manager, Duplicates Files Finder, and App Uninstaller — where potential space savings are listed next to each category. You can either manual review each category to determine what items or programs that you want to delete, or you can simply click “GET SPACE” and Uniblue Machanic takes care of all issues for you automatically. Additional system information — processor, memory, total space, etc. — are also listed on the Home screen, while a separate Statistics tab lets you view the storage devices connected to your Mac in statistical format.

Junk Cleaner

Even if you try your best not to create clutter, there are various ways that junk files can pile up on your Mac — temporary files created by the operating system, user cache files generated through various applications, log files accumulated to record user activities, etc. With Machanic 2016, you can get rid of these unwanted files and result in tremendous space savings — the application makes this possible due to the integration of a feature known as the Junk Cleaner. By using it, you can actively scan every nook and cranny on storage devices for outdated and unwanted files, which you can then either delete instantly to free up large amounts of disk space, or manually review the files presented if you want to keep a check on the items that you are about to delete.

Duplicates Files Cleaner

If you are a proud owner of a huge media library, you should know how duplicate files are created regularly when, for example, syncing content to your iPhone or iPod via iTunes. Regular creation of duplicate files can fill up almost any storage device in no time, and manually deleting them is a challenge for any media enthusiast. Fortunately, Machanic 2016 provides unprecedented support for that exact purpose, where the inclusion of a dedicated Duplicates Files Cleaner module lets you instant detect identical copies of any file — not just media content — on any mobile or storage device connected to your Mac. The application isn’t just limited to detecting duplicates through file name — it also features the ability to match items by file size, format, location, etc.

Space Manager

In addition to helping you remove both junk files and duplicates from connected storage devices, Machanic 2106 also bundles in an intuitive new feature called the Space Manager. By using the Space Manager, you can make organizing all files and folders present on your computer much easier, thanks to the inclusion of various filtering toolsets that allow you to critically analyze the file structures on any hard drives, individual partitions, external drives, etc. By filtering files using criteria such storage size, access frequency, file format, etc., you can instantly start deleting unnecessary files while categorizing similar file types to any location of choice. Unlike crawling through the files located in your Mac yourself, the Space Manager provides a bird’s eye view of all files that make storage management much easier.

App Uninstaller

If you have multiple applications taking up tons of storage space, you may have to start thinking about uninstalling at least some of them when tight on space. Unfortunately, that is not as easy as it sounds, especially since certain corrupted application can’t be removed normally, and even if you can, there’re bound to be numerous left-over items that can still take up large amounts of space. Machanic 2016 features the App Uninstaller, which lets you scan for all installed applications on your Mac and remove anything that you don’t want — whether it’s corrupted or not corrupted — completely out of the system. The strongest point this module presents is its ability to completely remove any useless clutter created by removed applications, allowing for a full clean-up procedure.

Should I Buy It?

If you are constantly worried about unnecessary clutter or running out of storage space on your Mac, then Machanic 2016 should put your mind at ease. Thanks to a plethora of features that focus on the most serious of file management issues — removing junk files, duplicate items, and corrupted applications — Machanic 2016 should be the most ideal application to free up your Mac from unnecessary clutter fast. All of that, combined with a super-intuitive user interface that make performing all of the aforementioned tasks a breeze, and you have a terrific file management application on your hand.