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Largely due to a poor disk management model adopted by Windows — yes, even in Windows 10 — operating systems, both traditional hard drives and solid state storage devices have difficulty keeping together an uncluttered work environment on your computer. With Uniblue MaxiDisk, however, getting rid of unwanted clutter just got easier, thanks to its uncanny ability to crawl every nook and cranny on your PC for junk files. Not just that, but Uniblue MaxiDisk also features the ability to compress large files to gain even more space savings, while also letting you defragment files for faster hard drive access speeds.

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Super-Intuitive User Interface

Uniblue MaxiDisk features a simple, yet intuitive user interface that you can use to clean up and optimize your hard drive in an instant. The application separates available features into four sections, namely Overview, Disk Scan, Gain Space, and Manage. By clicking the Overview tab, you can instantly gain updates about any critical hard drive performance issues that you want to look into, as well as various information about your hard drive — capacity, free space, used space, etc. The Disk Scan tab, on the other hand, lets you check individual partitions for junk files and fragmentation levels, while the Gain Space tab lets you compress files for additional space savings. Finally, the Manage tab gives you the option to modify the various configuration settings present in the application.

Cleaning Junk Files

Uniblue MaxiDisk makes removing junk files one of its critical core features, allowing you to have a computer free of clutter while also giving you the opportunity to free up substantial amounts of disk space. The application uses a file detection algorithm that scans common areas of your hard drive known for junk file accumulation — Recycle Bin, Windows Temp folder, browser caches, duplicate media files, etc. Detected items are automatically categorized into appropriately labeled sections, where you can either instruct Uniblue MaxiDisk to automatically have all included items deleted or choose to manually review the files and perform the deletions yourself. You are also informed about the potential space savings that you can gain as well as the number of items you are about to delete.

Compressing Large Files

In addition to gaining tons of disk space when removing unwanted junk files, Uniblue MaxiDisk also lets you acquire even more space by featuring unprecedented file compression capabilities. The application lets you scan your computer for large files that take up more space on your hard drive, where you can then specify any detected files that you want to compress. Unlike compression applications that use file zipping to compress items, Uniblue MaxiDisk instead relies on a much sophisticated method that allows you to work with compressed files as if nothing happened in the first place — simply put, you can access and work with compressed files via any application without having to unzip them or perform any other sort of additional procedure.

Disk Defragmentation

Windows operating systems are notorious for writing files in whatever free space fragments that are available for use at any given time; while its faster to perform, read speeds in turn are adversely affected since the hard drive header has to move over individual file fragments repeatedly. Thanks to Uniblue MaxiDisk, however, you can start creating contiguous files out of any fragmented partition for massive gains in read speeds, making loading times faster for everything from the operating system to normal applications. Uniblue MaxiDisk lets you scan partitions for disk fragmentation, where it then presents a detailed report on the state of the hard drive. If fragmentation levels appear too high, you can choose to run a full disk defragmentation procedure to improve the disk’s performance.

Removing Old Backups

Windows operating systems perform frequent updates, which in turn generate restore points to protect the integrity of your computer. All of these restore points, albeit important in case something goes wrong during a system update, require large amounts of disk space. With Uniblue MaxiDisk, however, you can get that space back by deleting the system restore data archives on your computer. The application has the ability to actively scan and display all Windows restore points — as well as outdated backup data files — including the amount of actual disk space that these items take up on your hard drive. Uniblue MaxiDisk also gives you the ability to remove individual Windows restore points if you are worried about losing access to important backup files in case something goes wrong.

Should I Buy It?

If you are worried about the state of your computer’s hard drive, then you should get hold of Uniblue MaxiDisk in an instant. Thanks to the built-in ability to effectively comb the entire hard drive for unwanted junk files — including a Smart Duplicates Finder feature that detects duplicate files in a heartbeat — combined with functionality that lets you compress large files, you can clear unwanted clutter and get back tons of free disk space. Not just that, but the application also features the ability to create contiguous files out of fragmented files by giving you access to full-on disk functionality. All of these, combined with a super-intuitive user interface that nearly anyone can use, make Uniblue MaxiDisk one of the finest hard drive management utilities currently available.