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Due to poor resource and file management, it’s a well-known fact that Windows operating systems — yes, even the new Windows 10 — get horribly cluttered when used for a few months, or in some cases, days. Well, what can you do about it? If you are an experienced Windows user, you can go about manually optimizing your system, but that takes up massive amounts of time and effort. Bring to the picture Uniblue’s PC Mechanic 2016, and you can have your computer up and running faster than ever before in no time. With a plethora of tools that focus on registry cleaning, system optimization, and junk file removal, PC Mechanic 2016 should be the companion of choice for both novice and experienced Windows users alike.

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Intuitive User Interface

PC Mechanic 2016’s simplistic user interface lets you get started on fixing up your PC in no time. When you start up the application, you are taken directly to a dedicated Home screen that brings to your attention any pertinent issues that require your attention — you can either let PC Mechanic 2016 take care of the issues for you automatically, or you can choose to do them yourself by reviewing each issue manually. The Home screen also presents summarized information about your computer, giving you access to details such as OS version, installed RAM, CPU model, etc. When you want to take care of the issues yourself, just switch to the Scan tab, and PC Mechanic 2016 displays four sections labeled Windows Registry Errors, Performance Issues, Startup Programs, and Junk Files, with detected issues automatically classified under each section along with the performance impact to your computer — on a scale from High, Moderate, to Low.

Cleaning System Registry

Windows operating systems do a terrible job when it comes to removing installed programs, leaving behind a large amount of redundant registry entries that ruin the overall speed of the computer — removing these invalid entries are next to impossible to perform manually without potentially breaking the operating system. With PC Mechanic 2016, however, you can actively scan for redundant, invalid, and corrupt registry entries, and either remove all detected items or just the ones that you don’t want present on your computer — the earlier option, however, is recommended. The application backs up your entire system registry to a secure location in case something goes wrong during the cleanup procedure. Cleaning the system registry should boost the overall efficacy of your computer tremendously.

Identifying Performance Bottlenecks

Even fresh Windows installations are already bogged down by various unwanted system processes, and since they are hidden by the average user, they are almost impossible to disable manually. PC Mechanic 2016 features built-in functionality that actively crawls all system processes and identifies unwanted items that slow down your computer. While the application lets you disable all detected system processes simultaneously, it may be a bad idea since certain important processes may get flagged incorrectly — to circumvent this issue, PC Mechanic 2016 allows you to manually review all detected processes along with detailed descriptions so that you can determine what you want to do with them.

Optimizing Boot Speeds

If your computer takes a long time to boot into the desktop, the operating system’s most likely bogged down with multiple startup programs. PC Mechanic 2016 lets you instantly see all startup programs that launch at computer startup, and lets you disable those that you deem as unnecessary. To help you determine what processes that you want removed, PC Mechanic 2016 intelligently analyzes the impact each program has on your computer. The application also includes additional information such as the software manufacturer and a detailed description on the functionality of a program.

Removing Junk Files

The issue that plagues most Windows operating systems — junk files. Whether it’s temporary files created by the operating system, unwanted files left over by uninstalled applications, or duplicate media files generated by media players, junk files reduce the access speeds of hard disk drives, thereby slowing down the overall speed of your computer drastically. PC Mechanic 2016 has the ability to detect all unwanted junk files, which it categorizes into groups named Windows Temporary Files, Internet Temporary Files, Memory Dumps, etc., along with the amounts of disk space that you can gain by deleting the items under each group. In addition to boosting the access speeds of your hard disk drive, you also benefit from increased storage space.

Should I Buy It?

Thanks to PC Mechanic 2016, gone are the days when your computer has trouble performing even the most basic of tasks due to corrupted registry entries, unwanted system processes, junk files, and unnecessary system processes. With the ability to instantly detect and fix all issues that impediments the smooth functionality of your computer, PC Mechanic 2016 vastly differentiates itself from the various cookie-cutter applications that flood the Internet. Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface that almost anyone can grasp in no time, PC Mechanic 2016 is the ideal application even if you are a total Windows rookie who’s unfamiliar with the operating system, or a seasoned veteran with no time to manually fix things up.