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Windows operating systems are notorious for the poor self-maintenance capabilities that it brings to the table, and Windows 10 isn’t an exception. Invalid registry entries, outdated junk files, severe file fragmentation, and outdated device drivers are just a few of the many issues that Windows fails to address properly. Microsoft Gold-certified developer Uniblue may just have the perfect solution for you; Powersuite 2016. Thanks to a plethora of features that focus on nearly any aspect of PC management that you can think of, be it registry cleaning, disk defragmentation, automatic driver updates, optimizing Windows settings, etc., you can be assured of running your PC as optimally as possible in no time.

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Super-Intuitive User Interface

Powersuite 2016 features an easy-to-navigate user interface that puts away with cumbersome menus and other filler content — the application separates available features under four separate tabs, labeled Overview, Live Speed Tools, PC Optimization, and Settings. With the Overview tab, you gain access to summarized information about your PC, as well as the option to perform either quick or deep scans of the entire system for pertinent issues.

The Live Speed Tools tab, on the other hand, lets you perform various live optimizations on areas such as the CPU, hard disk, and installed applications, while the PC Optimization tab gives you the chance to fix registry errors, optimize system processes, remove junk files, etc. Finally, the Settings tab allows you to perform numerous configurations to the application.

How It Works

Powersuite 2016 features two ways that you can tackle the various issues present in your PC; either use both the Quick Scan or Deep Scan options on the Overview screen to automatically scan and address all optimization options featured within the application, or you can simply scan for issues on individual elements for a more manual-based approach.

Regardless, you can choose to automatically fix all detected issues, or you can manually determine what needs to be optimized. The application also features the ability to undo certain optimizations if you think they adversely affect the operating system.

PC Optimization

With access to a plethora of PC optimization tools, you can have your PC running much faster. Chief among the features bundled into the application include the ability to repair the Windows registry, where removing invalid registry entries should go a long way in restoring the stability of your PC. Powersuite 2016 also includes functionality that allows you to detect and block unused system processes, thereby freeing up massive amounts of system resources that could be used for other purposes.

Since certain processes can’t be blocked, the application instead features the ability to optimize the processes to a certain extent, thereby limiting system resource usage while also improving the speed of your PC — Windows visual effects, for example. Another critical feature lets you focus on startup items, where disabling unwanted programs let you boost Windows startup speeds tremendously.

Disk Management

Since hard drives play an important role in the overall speed on your PC, Powersuite 2016 features multiple options that focus directly on file management — Application Uninstaller, Registry Defragmentation, PC Startup Optimizer, Disk Defragmentation, Old Backups, Compress Files, Smart Duplicates Finder, etc.

With the Application Uninstaller, you can safely remove applications without leaving any leftover items behind, thereby preventing unnecessary clutter while also proving effective against corrupted applications that can’t be uninstalled normally. On the other hand, the Old Backups and Smart Duplicates Finder focus on gaining additional disk space by removing outdated backup archives and duplicate media content.

By using tools such as Disk Defragmentation and Registry Defragmentation, Powersuite 2016 gives you that much needed functionality when it comes to creating contiguous files out of severely fragmented partitions. While the Disk Defragmentation featurette lets you accomplish this task, the additional Registry Defragmentation module bundled in lets you focus on the system registry, allowing for a much faster defragmentation procedure the directly affects the operating system.

Live Speed Tools

In addition to featuring a plethora of tools that directly involves you in optimizing your PC, Powersuite 2016 also features multiple functions that work in the background optimizing your PC in real-time. CPU Manager, Hard Disk Usage Manager, Software Launch Booster, and Start Menu Software Accelerator are some of the live optimizers that work in the background.

With the CPU Manager, Powersuite 2016 reduces instances of CPU hanging drastically, allowing for a much faster system with improved response times. Hard Disk Usage Manager, on the other hand, distributes hard disk usage evenly across the board, ensuring that one particular process doesn’t choke the entire system. Software Launch Booster improves application launch times tremendously by directing extra resources, while the Start Menu Software Accelerator increases program launch times via the Start menu by pre-loading data onto the system memory.

Should I Buy It?

Thanks to the plethora of optimization features bundled into Powersuite 2016, you no longer have to worry about your PC underperforming anymore. While the various PC optimization and disk management tools are more than enough to warrant your money, the fact that the application also feature multiple background processes that actively work in the background to boost the speed of your PC speaks volumes about its functionality and versatility. Combine that with a super-intuitive user interface to boot, and you have one of the finest PC management utilities currently available.