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Applications malfunctioning when you try to open them? Windows taking too long to boot into the desktop? Running out of storage space but don’t know why? Thanks to Uniblue’s SpeedUpMyPC 2016, you can take care of all those issues in just a few clicks. With the uncanny ability to detect all critical functions that impediment the smooth functioning of your PC, SpeedUpMyPC 2016 gives you the option to either manually or automatically take care of detected issues. Whether it’s repairing errors in the Windows system registry, analyzing resource-intensive system processes, disabling unwanted startup programs, or deleting unwanted junk files, SpeedUpMyPC 2016 lets you do all that with no issues.


Super-Intuitive User Interface

Rather than having you wade through cumbersome menus and widgets, SpeedUpMyPC 2016 instead features a simple, yet intuitive user interface that probably anyone can get started using instantly. Each time that you open the SpeedUpMyPC 2016, the application automatically scans your entire computer for registry errors, performance-sapping processes, startup programs, and junk files, which it then classifies neatly under appropriately named sections. For each category, SpeedUpMyPC 2016 hands out a score from a scale from Low, Moderate, and High so that you can take action corresponding to the severity of the detected issues. While you can let the application take care of any problems for you automatically, you can also review each issue and determine what exactly you want to do.

Cleaning System Registry

All Windows operating systems — yes, even Windows 10 — are notorious for leaving behind outdated and redundant registry keys resulting from uninstalled applications. If left unremoved, these registry keys can slow down your computer drastically, all the while causing various unwanted issues — installation errors, graphical anomalies, memory leaks, etc. With SpeedUpMyPC 2016, however, you can actively scan the entire system registry for invalid registry keys and remove them for an overall faster PC. Since registry cleaning carries significant amounts of risks — even when using the most dedicated of cleanup applications — SpeedUpMyPC 2016 features built-in technology that creates an automatic backup to secure your computer from any accidental mishaps.

Analyzing Background Processes

Simply fixing registry keys isn’t enough to bring out the full performance of a computer, especially since Windows operating systems are already bottlenecked by unwanted system processes right out of the box. Thanks to SpeedUpMyPC 2016, however, you can start disabling all system processes that sap resources and not required for the integrity of the operating system. In addition to disabling such processes, the application also features the ability to tweak the various settings on your computer to minimize usage of critical system resources — tweaking CPU scheduling, disabling Windows animations, closing non-responsive applications faster, etc. While you can let SpeedUpMyPC 2016 do all these automatically, you can also review these processes and manually disable or tweak them.

Disabling Startup Programs

It’s a well-known fact that Windows operating systems are hugely affected by startup programs, slowing down boot speeds to a crawl all the while sapping up system memory that could otherwise be used for critical purposes — unless you have a state-of-the-art PC, you are sure to be adversely affected. Fortunately, you can now do something about this thanks to SpeedUpMyPC 2016. The application analyzes all startup programs running in the background, and grades them on the amount of system resources that they require to function seamlessly. If you want to optimize your computer in a hurry, you can let SpeedUpMyPC 2016 disable your startup programs instantly, but if you have critical startup applications that you absolutely cannot do without, you can choose to do this manually.

Deleting Junk Files

Does your hard drive take too long to access files and programs? Running out of disk space faster than you thought? Want to permanently delete unwanted files but don’t know how? SpeedUpMyPC 2016 features full-on functionality that makes performing any of the aforementioned tasks a breeze. The application thoroughly scans your computer for all junk files, and classifies detected items into three separate groups labeled Recycle Bin, Windows Temporary Files, and Temporary Internet Files. While you can instantly gain an improved hard drive and more storage space by simply letting SpeedUpMyPC 2016 clean up the PC for you, it also lets you manually review and remove items if you have lots of valuable files stored on your hard drive.

Should I Buy It?

Uniblue’s SpeedUpMyPC 2016 has enough features that should make even the slowest of computer run faster than ever before. With an unprecedented level of support that focuses exclusively on removing invalid registry keys, optimizing system processes, disabling unwanted startup programs, and deleting junk files, SpeedUpMyPC 2016 is a definite requirement for any computer running Windows. All of these, combined with a super-intuitive user interface that’s free of unnecessary clutter, and you probably have one of the finest computer optimization utilities currently available that both novice and experienced Windows users alike can use with little to no effort. SpeedUpMyPC 2016’s focus on providing both automatic and manual optimization options speak volumes about the versatility of the application.