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Software drivers are an integral part of your computer’s operating system, for they are the means through which your computer’s hardware communicates with the OS.

Have a wired mouse or a keyboard plugged in to your PC? Does the cursor move just the way you want, or the letters appear on the screen as you type them? These actions wouldn’t be possible, without the drivers for the components we mentioned.

Consider these following scenarios, which could happen to anyone. You try to play a video on your computer, but it doesn’t play or it runs in slow motion or stutters, or jumps frames. Playing an audio file like an mp3, will not result in any sound being heard.

Try to run a game and it doesn’t even open, or may give out errors about why it won’t work, or it might simply crash to the desktop without any error message. Applications which you run keep crashing or throwing up errors after running for a while. Plugging in a hardware like a USB device ends up in a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

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You may have run into one of those situations, right? The first step that you should do in one such situation, is to check whether you have the latest drivers for all the hardware components of your computer. That is, the drivers for the sound card, graphics card, wireless card, USB devices, etc.

Some OEMs have their own application for updating drivers, and these work fine. But a majority of them don’t even have such utilities, which means the user has to rely on his or her own technical knowledge to update to the latest version of the drivers.

Microsoft does provide new drivers through Windows Updates. But it is not always the latest, or in some rare cases the correct ones. Windows 10 ran into major issues with NVIDIA graphic card drivers, which was delivered through Windows Update. This version was actually older than the one that NVIDIA had actually released, and was buggy, which led some computers to crash.

There is of course always the option for you to visit the manufacturer’s website and manually download and install the drivers. But finding the correct version, and one appropriate for your operating system can be a really complicated experience.

The perfect solution for this problem, is to use a software which can do the work for you, by getting the driver updates automatically. And for this we recommend UpdateStar Drivers.

Let’s see what makes the software special. And what better way to start than by looking at the interface.The GUI of UpdateStar Drivers is aesthetically pleasing, with its light theme and a sidebar with the buttons in a dark color complementing the interface, very well.

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There are five buttons on the left side of the main menu. They are: Overview, Scan Results, Backup Drivers, Restore Drivers and Settings.

There is a large “Start Scan” button on the top right corner, clicking on which will let the software scan for driver updates for your computer. This is essential for the other tabs to work.

Overview is the first screen you will see when opening the app, and has three tabs called Driver Status, Devices List and System.

The Driver Status tab lists how many drivers you have installed on your system, and how many of them are out of date. If there are drivers which have new versions available, you will see a Download button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can click on the View button next to the message which says “out of date drivers” to check the details of which drivers have updates available. Should you wish to skip a driver update, you can right click on a driver and select “Ignore Driver”.

If you wish to update an ignored driver, you can expand the “Ignored Drivers” list by clicking on the + button, and right clicking the driver and selecting “Do not ignore driver”.

The third option in this screen shows “up-to date drivers” which you can view. There is an ignore driver option in this screen too, just like the one described above.

The Device List tab in the overview screen, lists all the devices (hardware components) your computer has in a screen which looks like Windows’ Device Manager.

The last tab in the overview screen is system, which displays the model number of your computer, the manufacturer, the operating system, the amount of RAM your computer has, the processor, and the number of cores the SoC has. This also ensures that you only get the driver updates meant for the specific model.

Scan Results, the second button in the left sidebar, displays the same screen which you get when you click on “View” in the Overview screen’s Device Status tab.

The Backup Drivers button in the sidebar, lets you take a complete backup of all your device’s drivers. This is useful in case you want to format your PC, and don’t want to re-download every driver. You can also backup individual drivers, by clicking on the “Backup” button next to each driver listing. This is useful if you find that a new driver you have updated to, is buggy and you want to roll back to the older one. Clicking on one of the drivers will display some information (driver name, version number, hardware id, manufacturer, etc) about it just below the list.

Restore Drivers is very useful, if you want to roll back to a previously backed up driver. It only works if you did backup the drivers, else there will be no option to choose.

The Settings button in the sidebar lets you customize some options of UpdateStar Drivers, including the auto-start option, and auto check for updates for the app, the folder where the downloaded drivers will be saved, and also the folder where the backups of the drivers will be located.

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