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“Data! Data! Data!. I can’t make bricks without clay”. A famous line from Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.

While it may be a reference for the information that the detective needs to solve his mysteries, it also is a statement which can be used for our own lives.

We work with data everyday. Everything from your email, downloads, documents, etc are nothing but data. Without it, your productivity may take a huge hit, or at times a total stop.

Imagine that you are working on a very important project, which might turn your career around for good. Or something that your boss asked you to work on, and you were giving it your 100% in hope for a promotion or a salary raise.

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This is something that everyone of us face or have faced in the past, and here’s what could go wrong. Let’s say you stored the files on your PC and someone plugged in an infected USB drive, and it erased your files. Or someone accidentally deleted the files.

Or you stored in on a USB Flash Drive and lost it, and have no other copy of the files? That is what I call a truly disastrous situation. Hard work down the drain, I’d say, and ain’t nothing’s gonna bring it back.

A good idea to avoid these kind of situations, is to always save a copy of your data on another drive, like an external hard drive, which is more or less safe from such untoward incidents.

Sure, a local backup is fine. But if your external hard drive goes bad? You lose the backup, right? So it is advisable to backup your backup, get it? No we are not talking about buying another hard drive, but an online storage solution which ensures that your data is safe and secure.

This way, you do not lose your work, even if your PC crashes or you lose your external storage devices. There is always a backup copy safely stored on the cloud. And the best part is you can access the data from anywhere in the world, and from any device.

There are innumerable online backup services available out there, which one of those will you choose? For our tests, we went with UpdateStar Online Backup, and can vouch for it being an excellent software and service.

Let’s go ahead and see why it is the best solution for saving your data to the cloud.

UpdateStar Online Backup has a light theme for its interface, which is simplistic, yet very elegant. This is good, because it increases the user friendliness factor of the app by a great extent.

Upon the first run, the application will ask you to enter your email address, and set up a free account (in trial mode). Once done, you can immediately start using UpdateStar Online Backup.

There are four tabs in the software: Status, Settings, Restore and User.

The first tab, Status, displays the various information about your account and the back up tasks. The first section by default shows the email id you have signed in with, the time and date when the latest back up was taken and when the next back up is scheduled for.

During a back up task, it changes to say that the application currently backing up your files, the progress percentage, and the data speed at which the files are being transferred.

The application also shows how much of data your backups are using on the company’s servers. Speaking of which, there is no limit to the amount of data you can backup to the cloud. Yes, you get truly unlimited cloud storage for a one time fee with UpdateStar Online Backup.

Tip: Click on the gear icon or the text beside it to change from simple view to advanced view or back. Advanced view shows you the number of files which were backed up in the recent task, and whether the task was completed successfully.

The Settings tab in UpdateStar Online Backup is where you select what files and folders you want to back up to the cloud.

The Simple View lists these folders to be backed up: Desktop, Favorites, Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos. In addition to these you can also back up Templates, Documents and Desktop. Simply tick the checkbox next to each of these folders, and hit the apply button and the folders will be backed up.

Unselect a folder and hit apply, and the contents of the folder will not be backed up. The Advanced View can be accessed from the top right corner, and has a File Explorer like UI, and lets you select any folder on your PC or external drive.


It also has the days of the week listed at the bottom. Uncheck the days you don’t want the data to be uploaded, and hit apply for the change to take effect. This is because, after the first backup, UpdateStar Online Backup only backs up your data incrementally, i.e., only the files which have been changed or new, are uploaded to the cloud.

The backup tasks occur everyday in the background, so you will not be interrupted during your work.

The third tab in UpdateStar Online Backup, Restore, is what you use to revert to different backups, which you have done previously. You can either view all backups, restore the latest backup or restore individual files and folders. This tab also lets you change the destination folder where the backup will be restore to.

The last tab in the application is User, and displays the user email id logged in to UpdateStar Online Backup and the name of the computer you have the software installed on.

There is one very important feature in the User tab, the Encryption key. You see, all data that is transferred by the software to the cloud is done using 28-bit transfer encryption, and all the data that is stored on the UpdateStar server’s are encrypted with 256-bit Rijndael encryption.

You need this key, if you wish to access your backed up data from a different computer. You can print an encryption key or save it on a USB Flash Drive (or any exernal media) for safe keeping.

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