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If there is one thing that people are obsessed with these days, it is smartphones. The one thing that people keep checking for often on their devices is updates for their apps and games.

Actually PC users do the same thing too, but unlike mobile app stores, which show available updates in a single unified interface, PC users have to check for software updates manually by searching on the software vendor’s website or opening the application and hitting the “Check for updates” button.

This is quite a tedious task. And honestly, who has the time to visit the software’s website everyday to check whether we have the latest version installed. Of course some software developers do send out emails to inform users about updates, but not many of us do like such emails in our inbox, and sometimes email providers mark such messages as spam, and we miss the email entirely.

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Having been around computers since I was a kid, and having used literally every version of Windows right from version 3.1, you could say I am quite tech savvy than your average user. But sometimes even I am stumped by the occasional software.

There have been a few situations, where friends request me for help with some technical issues with their software, and when I ask them to send a screenshot or ask for the version number of the application that they need help with, I came to know that they had been using a more recent version of the software than I had been.

This was a bit embarrassing, but it’s not that which I am worried about. It is the lack of knowledge of the update that bothered me. I had no idea the software had been updated at all, because the program never gave me a notification that a new version is available for download.

What would you say if we told you there is a way you can get software updates without having to check for them manually?

Yes that’s exactly what UpdateStar Premium is designed for. Allow us to analyze the features of the application for you.

The interface of UpdateStar Premium is very pleasant to look at, and features a light background. The GUI comprises of two sections: a toolbar and a main window.

The main window is what takes the major part of the screen and is where all the information is displayed. This changes according to the tab you select in the toolbar.

By default, the main window displays the Start Page with the following information: Last update, scan along with the date and time of the scan, the number of applications installed on your computer, the number of updates that UpdateStar Premium has found, and the number of important updates.

Just to the right of this, is a pie chart which displays the ratio of installed applications and available updates.

Below this section, the Start Page has a list of programs which have updates available, along with the current version number of the update. There is a news section on the right which displays information of latest updated software.

Now, let’s look at the toolbar. The File menu option lets you change UpdateStar Premium’s settings, or exit the application.

The second tab in the toolbar, Programs, displays the full list of all the software and games you have installed on your computer along with their name, their security level (displayed in the form of 5 shield icons), the installed version’s number, the current version number (available update), the last minor version number, the date on which the update was found (scanned time and date), news.


There are two download options displayed for every application/game, one which takes you to UpdateStar’s website which hosts an information database of 1,746,000 software. You will found some useful details on the website, along with a link to the software developer’s website from where you can download the new version.

The second download option, exclusive to the premium version lets you download the update for the software directly from within UpdateStar’s interface.

You may also give a rating between 1 and 5 stars for each application, and this will be taken account into the total user rating which is displayed next to it, so other users know how good or bad the application you rated is.

The Program List also has a secondary use, as it can be used as a replacement for Windows Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs , or in more recent versions Programs and features, which you have to use for uninstalling apps. Simply right-click on a listing in UpdateStar and you an select the “uninstall” option from the context menu and you are good to go.

You can also use this menu to filter the list of displayed apps, check for updates, download links, and directly download the file. Should you wish to hide an application from being scanned for update (in case you want to stick to an older version of the program), you can unselect it from being searched for updates.

The import tab lets you import XUS files to UpdateStar. These are software pack files, which you can download from the software’s website, which are curated lists of popular applications, which you can download and install with a single click.

The Start Page, Program List and Import tabs have a few toolbar buttons which are common among the three. The first is a history button which shows you when each software on your computer was installed. The other ones are the Search for updates, refresh news, and stop scan buttons.

Program List and Import have a Columns button which lets you add/remove the various columns from the UI.

The Cleaner tab is sort of a registry tool, which searches for redundant files, left over after a program has been uninstalled (or deleted) and is still shown in the list of installed programs.

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