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Everyone loves videos. From funny cat videos, to unbelievable stunts, to movie trailers, music videos, sporting videos, gameplay videos, we all have sort of favorite entertainment genre when it comes to watching online videos.

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, but not everyone has a good internet connection. For example a lot of telecom service providers give about 1-3GB of data for the entire month.

This is ridiculously low, and not enough to watch a lot of videos. You could try, but not with HD videos, and who likes watching pixelated movies at low resolution? Now, broadband and home internet users don’t have much choice either, thanks to fixed data limits.

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You have to manage it really carefully, to download and update your software, games, device firmware, etc. So, we can’t go splurging on videos or else we won’t have bandwidth for other important tasks. A lot of people turn to a different solution to solve this problem. They download videos once, and watch them later offline. This saves a ton of data, plus you have the added bonus of watching videos even while you are on the move.

Now, this poses a problem too. Not all video formats are supported on all devices. So you have to be sure that you have the video in a format which your phone or computer can play. How does one make sure of this? The simplest way is to use a video converter app which can literally transform the video from one format to another.

We took one such application for a spin, and were impressed with the results. Say hello to Updatestar Video Converter.

Let’s tell you why this is an awesome video converter.

First, I got to say, the interface of Updatestar Video Converter is really simplistic, that it impressed us right away. Most video converters have dark themes, or flashy UI’s to make it look like super cool, but don’t really offer much when it comes to actual features.

Updatestar Video Converter with its light theme, makes for a very pleasant user experience, with its simple yet colourful GUI.

The interface consists of four sections. A toolbar, a main UI, a sidebar and a video converter section.

The toolbar is on top of the UI and lets you download videos. Click on the + button, and the application will let you paste a URL in a text box. There is a dropdown menu in the right corner which says “Auto recognise”. This will let the software analyze the source of the video and download it.

You can click on the button and choose the website (source) manually if you want to. Speaking of which, Updatestar Video Converter can download videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, MySpace, DailyMotion and 750 websites.

Clicking on the more button allows a few extra options. This includes selecting a different video output format, a filename and a download folder. You can add multiple files to be downloaded in the queue. Like wise, the second button in the Updatestar Video Converter toolbar, can be used for removing the files from the download queue.

The downwards allow in the toolbar lets you download all files in the queue, at once. The pause button lets you pause all ongoing downloads with a click of the mouse.

In the right corner of the toolbar, you have the Settings menu and the help menu buttons. The Settings menu houses options for selecting the highest video quality automatically while downloading files, and deleting downloaded files from the list, to keep it clutter free.

It also lets you enable a setting which will let the application download the file immediately after you add it, and another option which can automatically shut down the PC when the downloads are completed.

The Advanced settings lets you assign the process priority of the converter, the higher the priority, the more memory it will use for speeding up the conversion process. This screen also lets you select the number of files which can be downloaded or converted simultaneously.

If you have a low speed internet connection you may want to set the download to 1 file at a time, and if your PC is not a high end one, you can set the file conversion limit to 1 video at a time.

The right side bar is used for managing downloads and batch file actions.

The video converter UI, at the bottom of the main screen is the one which is most important, in Updatestar Video Converter. The first option in lets you select the folder where the converted video will be saved, and the next option lets you pick which format to convert the file to.

Updatestar Video Converter lets you convert videos into several movie formats and even a few popular audio formats 3GP, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, FLV, MP4, MP3, WEBM, RM, WAV, OGG, FLAC formats. You can set the video resolution of the file too including 480p, 720p HD, and 1080p Full HD videos.

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This is incredibly useful should you want to extract only the audio if you want to listen on your iPod, or handy to watch videos which you can watch on your iPhone or Android device or other portable devices.

It also lets you pick a video/audio quality , the video frame rate, audio sampling rate, and even video and audio encoders. These options will be enabled only if you select the “click here to show advanced options” setting.

Finally, there is a small download progress bar on the bottom which shows the size of the file being downloaded. There are optional plugins for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, which lets you download and convert files with a click.

Buy Updatestar Video Converter at the best price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. Why use a downloader application and a converter application, when this one can do both for you?