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Almost everyone has access to a smartphone today. Some of us even have multiple phones or tablets, in addition to desktop computers and laptops. Regardless of what kind of internet connection we use, be it a slow 2G network or a high speed broadband or 4G data connection, we still rely on a technology called USB for storing files.

Though the majority of our file storage occurs on the devices themselves, there are times when we have to rely on online storage services for sharing files, or simply backing them up.

But nothing beats a USB storage device, as it guarantees privacy. This is because your USB HDD or Flash Drive is accessible only to you, and the data is locally stored on it, and not on some cloud servers, which could be hacked.

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But the most noticeable problem when you have multiple computers or phones, and have one or two USB devices, you will find it difficult to share them with your computers. You have to unplug it from a device and connect it to another, and this becomes difficult if your USB’s cables are damaged.

What if you could share a USB device with your other computers, without unplugging it from a computer?

Surely this is not possible, right? You absolutely can, with the help of a software called USB Network Gate. The application is made by Eltima, and works just like its namesake.

USB Network Gate allows you to share your existing USB devices, over a Local Area Network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), virtual LAN (VLAN), VPN (Virtual private network), IP (IP address) and via the Internet.

You can use it over your home or office’s local wired network or wireless internet (Wi-Fi), or literally from any network connection using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Imagine accessing your computer’s USB device from miles away at your office, or a hotel in a different city, or even from some other country. Yes, it’s all true.

Don’t be intimidated by the features. USB Network Gate is incredibly easy to use. Take a look at the screenshot of the application below.

It is quite simplistic, and yet aesthetically pleasing. There are two tabs in the UI: Share local USB Devices and Remote USB Devices.

The first tab lists all the USB devices you have connected to the PC you have the application running on. Click on the share button and the devices will be available to be connected over your network. Similarly when you wish to take the device off the list, hit the same button which should now read “Unshare”.

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You can choose to enable password protection for the device by clicking on the gear icon. And don’t worry about privacy, the application does have an optional “Encrypt Traffic” setting as well, which when enabled encrypts your data transmission so nobody can intercept and read/view it.

This additional security, though comes at a small price, in that it makes the connection between the two devices a bit slower, but it is worthwhile, as Safety > Speed. This speed loss is quite similar to what we see in HTTP and HTTPS websites.

You can enter a description for the device, so it is easily identifiable by the other computer. For example: A Flash Drive, or a Printer or an External Hard Drive.

Right-clicking anywhere on the device tab also lets you Share/Unshare devices, and also disable the connection, enable encryption, compression, authorization and change the description of the device quickly.

These settings are also available from the Share devices option, from the menu bar on the top of the UI. The Connect devices option lets you access various settings for connecting and disconnecting to and from your shared devices.

The View menu is quite useful for filtering the devices displayed in the main UI below the toolbar. This menu allows you to enable viewing and hiding HID devices (human interface devices) like keyboards, mice, gamepads, which you may not want to share with other computers.

It also allows the application to only display real devices, i.e., actual USB devices, and not the empty ports. Likewise the “Show USB Port location” option allows you to view which of your USB devices are connected to which port.

On the other computer which needs to connect to the USB device which you shared, you need to install USB Network Gate, and select the second tab, Remote Devices. This is where you will enter the password, if you enabled the option.

And that’s not all that USB Network Gate is capable of. It is certainly not limited to just accessing storage devices. You can literally share Printers, with other computers, even if the printers do not have built-in wireless capability. As long as they are also connected via USB, they will work with USB Network Gate.

Most of these external devices do come with a USB connector and cable nowadays, which makes them universally usable. You can even connect them to smartphones using USB OTG (On-The-Go) cables.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to print out a page or two (some forms), only to find that the printer is not available, because it is attached to a different PC? USB Network Gate negates this issue completely.

By using this software, you can connect to the printer, which is plugged in to the other computer, and print the content you wanted to. Like wise you can work with scanners and webcams too. USB Network Gate can also be used to connect a USB device to VMs (virtual machines) like VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenDesktop and blade servers?

We think this application could be pretty useful for people who wish to access files on their USB devices and work with them regardless of where they are, and without carrying the devices around all the time.

Buy USB Network Gate for Windows at the lowest price you will find, and save with our exclusive discount code. It’s also available for Linux PCs, Mac machines and Android devices.