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Video to GIF Coupon Code

Do you want to share a funny scene from one of your videos? Or do you want to quickly create a meme from a movie? A picture can tell a thousand words, so by that logic an animated GIF should tell tens of thousands, right? 

Jokes aside, have you ever wondered how animated GIFs are made? You probably think that GIFs require some complex software, and a lot of time to edit the video, remove the audio from it, and some other software to reduce the size of the GIF. 

Well, no. All you need is one application, and it is called Video to GIF. This program is very user-friendly, in that you can use it to create a GIF with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

The interface of Video To GIF, has 6 sections. The first, is the video selector option, which is right on the top of the window. Click on the load button to browse for a video on your computer, or just drag and drop a video file from Windows File Explorer to the GUI of Video to GIF. 

The main screen of Video to Picture has a video selector on the top, a large pane in the middle, a playback control bar, a toolbar below the control bar, an output folder selector, and a convert button. You can add the following video file formats for creating a GIF: AVI, MP4, MKV, WebM, MPEG, WMV, MOV, DVD (VOB), DVR-MS, RM.  

When you add a video for conversion, the large pane on the middle of the screen, will display the video. This is of course, the video player in the program, and has a time seek bar, a marker bar, and a playback control bar below it. 

You can use the video player to preview, or entirely watch the videos which you want to edit, or use it causally like a video player. The playback control bar has normal options such as play, pause, rewind,0 fast-forward, etc.  

The marker bar is special, as it allows you to select the point in the video which you want to start from, and the point where the video should end. Animated GIFs are usually short videos so keep them to 5 seconds or something like that, so it loops quickly. Of course, you can mark the videos to be as long as you want the GIF to be. 

The name of the video is displayed on the top of the screen. You can see the total length of the video on the left of the control bar, along with the resolution and frames per second information. On the right, you can view the Start and End points, which you marked for creating a GIF. 

The buttons below the control bar have different functions. The first of these, is the resize option, which lets you change the resolution of the GIF. This includes manual controls for adjusting the width and height, enabling constrain proportion, and also the interpolation options such as sharpen, smooth or sawtooth.  

You can add cool filters like Black and White, GrayScale, Emboss, Invert, Blur, Sharpen, Noise, Brighten, Red, Green, and Blue, to make your GIF look special, simply by selecting the Effect button and picking one of the mentioned filters. 

The Frame Rate button displays the total number of frames in the output GIF, while clicking on the button tells you the number of frames in the original video. There is an option here, which can be used to set how many images the program should save per second.  

The Output format option, allows you to set the format, in which the video will be converted into. Here is where things get interesting. Why? Well, you are not actually limited to saving the videos in to the GIF format. Video to GIF can be used to convert the videos in to the following image formats: GIF, JPG, BMP, TGA, TIF, PCX, PNG and ICO.  

So, you can use the program to basically convert the videos to any format, and share them anywhere, on your blog, or website, Facebook, Twitter, etc, or in instant messengers. 

Please be aware that there are two GIF options, one is the animated GIF, while the other is the still image GIF. The former, is the one you want to choose for looping short videos, which you can share on instant messaging apps, and social networks. 

When the animated GIF option is selected, you can define the time delay for each picture, on a scale of fast to slow, enable Dither color. Similarly, you can also pick the quality of the GIF from the Best Quality (Slowest), Windows 256 colors, Netscape 216 colors, GrayScale, Windows 20 colors, Windows 4 GrayScale, and Monochrome B/W. 

For other image formats, you can set the photo quality from Low to High (from 1 to 100), which allows you to save the photos in lossless quality.  

You can configure the output folder, where the converted GIFs should be saved in, by the using the three dot menu on the bottom of the screen. To the left of this, is the OutPut Folder bar, which shows where Video to GIF, is currently saving the pictures. 

When you have configured all the options, you can use the Convert button, to begin the conversion. Just wait for a few seconds, for the video to be saved in to a GIF. And once the process has been completed, the program displays an option, to open the folder where the pictures were saved. You can browse it using Windows File Explorer. 

There is a free trial version of Video To GIF available, which you can use to test out the program’s features, before you buy the full version. Making a GIF doesn’t get any simpler than this. 

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