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Video to Picture Coupon Code

Do you have high quality videos which you shot during your vacation, or party, or at a wedding, etc? Do you have HD versions of movie discs? 

Have you ever wished you had some still images of the same scene, as in the video? Or do you want to share a small portion of the video online? 

You can do that easily, with the help of Video to Picture. The program lives up to its namesake, in that it can be used to convert a video in to pictures. 

How is this even possible? It is very simple really. To explain this, we can take cartoon videos as an example. They are really a collection of many photos and sounds. These photos are drawn so that each and every movement appears like a real video (motion-picture) would. And these frames play very fast, to make our eyes percieve them as a moving picture. 

Normal videos have such frames too, which means each frame is a picture. Normally, video player applications can be used to take pictures from movies. But these are usually, when you pause a video, and this often results in a sudden movement in the picture, aka motion blur, occuring in the screengrab. And you have to try to pause the videos at the right time, multiple times to get it right. 

Video to Picture can save you from this tedious job, by converting every frame in the video, to photos. You can just save the ones which you want, and delete the rest. This way, you have your very own personalized wallpaper or photo from a video. 

And don’t worry about using the software. There is no learning curve in Video to Picture. We feel that the program is so easy to use, that anybody can use it, even without any prior knowledge about editing applications. 

Video to Picture Coupon Code

The main screen of Video to Picture has a video selector on the top, a large pane in the middle, a playback control bar, a toolbar below the control bar, an output folder selector, and a convert button. To get started, click on the Load button on the top, and browse the computer, and pick the video which you wish to convert to pictures. Or you could leave Windows File Explorer open, and simply drag the video file on to the interface of Video To Picture. 

Video formats which you can import in to the program for conversion include the following types: AVI, MP4, MKV, WebM, MPEG, WMV, MOV, DVD (VOB), DVR-MS, RM. That is pretty much a very extensive range of formats, which includes many if not all of the modern encoding types. 

Once you add a video for conversion, you will see that the playback control bar is now active (earlier it was grayed out), and the video is displayed on the large pane in the program’s window. Click on the playback control bar to pause, play or rewind or fast-forward the video. 

You can see the name of the selected video on the top, while the time-duration length, the video’s resolution size (for e.g.: 1920 x 1080), and the frame rate per second (like 24 FPS) is displayed to the left of the playback control bar. On the opposite edge, you can see the start point and end point which you have marked for conversion. You can mark the points by clicking and dragging the two markers on the timeseek bar just below the video player. This is useful if you only want to convert a specific section of the video, in to pictures. 

Below the playback control bar, you have 5 buttons. The resize button can be used to change the resolution of the picture, to a width and height of your choice, and a setting to constrain proportion. You can also select an interpolation such as sharpen, smooth or sawtooth. The Effect button can be used to add a filter such as GrayScale, Emboss, Blur, Noise, Sharpen, Invert, Black and White, Brighten, Red, Green, and Blue, to the converted picture for a unique look. 

The Frame Rate button tells you how many output frames will be there in total, and clicking on which tell you how many actual frames are in the video. You can also select how many images should be saved per second. 

The Output format option can be used to select which photo format the converted video’s frames should be saved in.  You can use Video to Picture to save the movies in to the following image formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, TIF, PCX, PNG and ICO. 

And yes, the GIF option here, does include the ever-popular Animated GIF format. So, let’s say you have a cute cat video, you can import it to Video to Picture, convert it to a GIF, and send it to your friends in your favorite messenger apps. You can also set the quality of the photo from Low to High, on a scale of 1 to 100, with the latter being the best quality. So, yeah youcan actually save the photos in lossless quality. 

The OutPut Folder, where the pictures will be saved in is displayed on the bottom of the Video to Picture interface. Clicking on the three-dot button at the end of the bar, lets you change the folder location. Hit the Convert button, to begin the conversion process, and wait for a few seconds, as your video is saved in to pictures. After the conversion is done, you can browse the folder where the pictures were saved, and use the ones which you want, and delete the rest. 

During our tests, we found the program to perform remarkably fast, as it converted a 10 minute FullHD video to pictures, in about 30 seconds. Download the free trial version of Video To Picture to test the program, before you buy the full version. 

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