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Video Watermark Coupon Code

Are you a YouTuber or a Twitch game streamer or video reviewer or vlogger of any kind? What do you think, is one of the most important things in vlogging? Your identity, of course. 

Why? Well, your username, your video channel, is what makes you who you are, and instantly recognizable by your fans. But, there are downsides to this as well. Sometimes, online thieves decide to rob other people’s work, and pass it off as their own. Basically, they steal your identity. 

Think about it, all of your hard work, all the effort, the creativity, the designing, the time you spent on making the video, editing it, etc., could be used by someone else, and you don’t even get the credit for the work.  Is that fair? Absolutely not, and it gets worse. YouTube, Twitch, etc., allow users to monetize their videos, so you are not only a victim of identity theft, but you could also lose money to these unethical thieves. Usually you can stop this by filing a DCMA takedown request with the video service, providing you can prove the work was your own. 

If you have the same video on your channel, on a prior date, this may help with the complaint. But if for some reason, you don’t things may get complicated.  What if you can stop video theft in the first place? You can absolutely do that, with Video Watermark. 

As the name implies, the software allows you to brand your videos, with a watermark, aka a digital copyright, which cannot be removed by thieves. So, even if someone tries to post your videos as their own, people will easily identify who the video originally belongs to, and this can also help with the DMCA process. 

Now, how difficult can it be to add a watermark to a video? It is not at all difficult, and is in fact quite the opposite. Video Watermark is very user-friendly, and allows you to quickly add a watermark to your videos, even if you don’t know anything about video editing.  The interface of Video Watermark has a simple design. There are two panes on the GUI, with a toolbar on each pane, and a menubar on the top left corner. 

You can use the “Add Video” button to add your files, or simply drag the video files from Windows File Explorer to the interface of the program. You can also use the File menu, for the same, and as a bonus you can add an entire folder of videos, from this menu. 

Once you have loaded a video in the application, you can either remove selected videos, or clear the entire selection. The videos which you have imported to Video Watermark, are displayed in the form of thumbnails on the left pane. You can also see a small summary of the videos, including the file name, size, video resolution, and the duration. 

Clicking on the more button, opens a pop-up window, called Video Info, which displays the aforementioned details, and also the bit rate of the video and the audio, created date, video and audio encoder format, sample rate and channel of the audio. 

You can play the videos which you have selected, by using the built-in video player, which is on the right pane. This is very useful, as you don’t have to open a third-party video player, just for previewing the video. There is a time seek bar, which allows you to navigate to a specific time in the video. 

The playback control bar, allows you to play, pause, stop and adjust the volume controls of the video. The camera icon can be used to take a screenshot of the current frame in the video, and save the picture in either the JPG or BMP format. You can even select the folder where the screenshots will be saved, or open the output folder directly from the same shortcut. 

The Effect button allows you to adjust the following properties: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation. It can also be used to add the following filters to your video: Mosaic, Blur, Sharpen, Emboss, Noise and Old Film. 

You can also change the orientation of the video by rotating the picture, or even add a mirror effect to the video from the same screen. Now, to add a watermark to your video, you have two options on the right pane. These are the “Add Text” and the “Add Image” buttons.  And as you can tell from the names, these options allow you to enter your own custom text watermarks, or use your own photo-based watermarks to your video. 

Video Watermark Coupon Code

The Text watermark allows you to choose what words should appear on the video, customize the font type, size, color, etc., and also select the angle in which the watermark will be displayed, and the level of the opacity. You can also configure the alignment position in terms of X-Axis and Y-Axis. 

Want a marquee watermark, i.e., a scrolling watermark? You can do that too. And the preview pane on this screen displays how your watermark will look like in the video which you want to use it on. You can use the timeline bar, to jump to different locations in the video, and see whether the watermark is blocking something in the picture. You can add symbols such as Copyright ©, Registered ®, or Trademark ™ to your videos too. 

The Image Watermark is more or less the same, except instead of the font customization, you can enable animation of the watermark’s picture, and also resize the width and the height of the watermark. 

Video Watermark allows you to add watermarks to multiple videos, i.e., batch watermarking, at the same time. When you have finished customizing the watermark, click on the Run button on the main screen, to add the watermark to your video. It is as simple as that. And, you can also use the program to convert videos in to one of the following formats: AVI, MPG, MKV, MP4, WMV, FLV, etc.  

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