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Video Watermark Pro Coupon Code

Are you a content creator on YouTube? Do you make video reviews of games, software, phones, etc? How do you ensure your videos are not stolen?  DMCA Takedowns are an effective way of course, but is it the easiest way? 

It may take a long time before you even come to know that your video was stolen by someone else, and being posted on their own channel, or a different website? If it is the latter, it may take some convincing, before the video service recognizes you as the owner, and agrees to take down the video. 

This scenario can apply to video marketers, advertisers, who promote their company’s products. How do you prevent your videos from being used by others? 

The answer for both scenarios, is simple. All you need to do, is add a watermark to your videos, which will brand the media with your identity. You can do this easily, with the help of Video Watermark Pro. The software is designed to be user friendly, so anybody can use it, even if they don’t have any prior knowledge with video editing. 

Video Watermark Pro has a simple interface, and comprises of two panes, a menubar, and 2 toolbars. To get started with the application, you can click on the “Add Video” button on the left pane, which allows you to browse for files on your PC. Alternatively, you can do the same by simply dragging video files on to the interface, from Windows File Explorer. A third way to do this, is by using the File menu, which also allows you to add an entire folder of videos, to queue them up for editing. 

When you have added the videos, the toolbar on the left pane is enabled, and allows you to clear all the videos from the queue, or remove selected ones.  

The videos which you added, will be displayed as a list on the left pane. You can view the thumbnail of each video, along with its name, file size, resolution, and the length of the duration for which the media runs. 

You can view more information about the video, by clicking on the “More” button available next to each video listed on the pane. This opens a pop-up window which displays all the above-mentioned information, and some extra details such as the bit rate of the audio/video, the date when the video was created, the encoder format of the video/audio, the audio channel and sample rate. 

The right pane of the Video Watermark Pro interface, is the video preview pane, and can be used to play the video which you select on the left pane. This saves you time, which would otherwise have been wasted, if you had manually opened videos in a third-party media player. The time seek bar below the preview pane, can be used to jump to any point in the video, or you can also use the fast-forward or rewind buttons on the control bar for the same. 

In addition to the play, pause, stop buttons, and the volume controls, there is a camera button, which can be used to capture a screenshot of the frame. You can save the image in BMP or JPG formats, and also select where the screenshots should be saved in, or for opening the output folder directly. 

The Effect button, just below the preview pane, can be used for two purposes. You can modify the brightness, contrast, saturation settings. More importantly, you can also add any of these filters to your video: Mosaic, Blur, Sharpen, Emboss, Noise and Old Film.  

The two arrow icons can be used for rotating the video, or for adding a mirror effect. And as for the main feature of the program, you can add a watermark to your video, using the  3 buttons on the main screen, which say “Add Text”, “Add Image” and “Add Shapes”.

The Add Text option allows you to add a text watermark, to your video. You can customize the font style, size, color, opacity, etc. There are quick options, which can be used to add symbols such as Copyright ©, Registered ®, or Trademark ™, to your videos.  

You can change the position of the watermark, using the X-Axis and Y-Axis options, or simply by clicking on the watermark, and dragging it with the mouse. The marquee option can be used to make the watermark scroll across the video. 

The preview pane on the Add watermark screen, can be used to see what your watermark will appear like. There is a timeline bar on the bottom of the window, which can be used to switch to a specific time, to check if the watermark looks fine or not. 

The Add Image watermark as similar options, minus the font customization options of course, and is useful for adding a logo or other picture, which you can add to watermark your video. There are over 100 watermark styles to choose from, and you can also use custom pictures for the same. This option is not limited to still images, as you can use the animation option, to add GIF to the video. You can resize the watermark’s width and height too. 

Video Watermark Pro Coupon Code

The Pro version allows you to add arrow, line segment, curve, rectangle and round geometric shapes to your videos.

The best part of the program, is that you can batch watermark videos at once, to brand a lot of videos quickly. To add a watermark to the video, click on the Run option on the bottom right corner, and select the folder where the video should be saved. You can customize the video and settings including the video resolution, encoding, aspect ratio, frame rate, volume, bit rate, and even use a subtitle. You can also use Video Watermark Pro to convert the video to one of the following output formats: AVI, MPG, MKV, MP4, WMV, FLV, etc. 

Download the trial version of Video Watermark Pro and try it for free, before you buy the premium version. 

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